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April 2021

PROCUREMENT REQUISITION vol.2: Traditional vs. digitized procurement requisitions

2021-04-13T10:28:07+02:002. April 2021.|Digital Transformation|

PROCUREMENT REQUISITIONS vol.2: Traditional vs. digitized procurement requisitions From the discovery of a business need for a good, service, or work which is the reason for making a purchase requisition, to the delivery of goods or the provision of work or service, there are a number of tasks that must be performed before the [...]

March 2021

PROCUREMENT REQUISITION vol.1: The procurement process is not initiated by procurement!

2021-04-09T10:08:10+02:0023. March 2021.|Digital Transformation|

PROCUREMENT REQUISITION vol.1 The procurement process is not initiated by procurement! The procurement process begins when the need for goods, services, and works outside the company arises within the business organization. Employees officially notify their company and procurement through procurement requisitions, that they need products or services on behalf of the company. Procurement requisitions [...]

February 2021

Open supplier databases are the near future

2021-02-22T09:29:07+02:0016. February 2021.|Procurement, Suppliers|

Open supplier databases are the near future Developments in the supply chain suggest that procurement urgently needs to take new steps and devise a new strategy towards suppliers with an emphasis on the supply chain. This is especially important for companies that have applied the principle of consolidation of suppliers, ie reducing the number [...]

October 2020

How to ensure compliance with policies and default procedures in procurement is easily solved by scenario manager

2021-03-03T09:02:24+02:0012. October 2020.|Digital Transformation, Other, Procurement|

How to ensure compliance with regulations and default procurement procedures? A simple solution is Scenario Manager. Ensolva Scenario Manager is a specialized workflow for the procurement sector, that monitors the course of activities of each project in procurement! The advantage is that the business organization is not forced to change its workflow, because the [...]

September 2020

PROCUREMENT PROFESSIONALS: Jakov Ivišić, Croatia Insurance

2021-02-17T13:38:46+02:0029. September 2020.|Digital Transformation, Procurement Professionals|

Jakov Ivišić, Croatia Insurance Procurement is no longer an operational function, now it also affects the success of the company! "It was inevitable to move from the operational level of procurement to the strategic one. Procurement is increasingly involved in planning and control, benchmarking, analysis and management of the supplier network, said Jakov Ivišić, [...]

Dutch reverse auction

2021-02-17T12:19:11+02:0024. September 2020.|eAuctions|

Dutch reverse auction Compared to other types of reverse auctions, we come across slightly useful content about the Dutch reverse auction. The reason for this can be found in the fact that this type of online auctions is used infrequently by procurement professionals. It can bring great results for some specific procurement items in [...]

Japanese reverse auction

2020-09-23T11:05:18+02:002. September 2020.|Digital Transformation, eAuctions|

Japanese reverse auction I love the Japanese auction! This auction type often brings excellent results. I always remember one that lasted half a day – we were convinced that the supplier was dumping the price and that something was wrong and each new time extension made us more nervous. However, the truth was… Case [...]

August 2020

English reverse auction

2020-09-23T11:04:26+02:0025. August 2020.|eAuctions, Other, Procurement|

English reverse auction In this auction type, the initial price gets lower during the auction, from the starting (highest) point to the final (lowest) point based on bids entered by participants. The negotiation process is not conducted face to face – suppliers compete against each other digitally to get the job. They enter their [...]

June 2020

New version: Ensolva Toyuri for successful procurement!

2020-06-04T11:00:32+02:003. June 2020.|Digital Transformation, New Releases, Procurement|

Ensolva Toyuri for successful procurement! New business challenges and market trends require better software solutions with sophisticated performance. We have released fourth major version of our procurement solution. It is the first set of upgrades that we plan to release as part of the Toyuri release cycle throughout this year! The new version of [...]

May 2020

Toyuri starts in June

2020-05-15T14:29:29+02:0014. May 2020.|Digital Transformation, eAuctions, New Releases, Procurement, Procurement Professionals|

Toyuri starts in June COVID 19 has caused general confusion in the business world. Due to the Corona crisis, the release of our new version of Ensolva TOYURI has been delayed for the first week of June. This is the fourth version of our popular procurement system. The main features of Ensolva Toyuri are: [...]