The use of innovative software solutions has completely changed and improved the ways of doing business

Procurement scenario

During use of the Software, a large amount of data is generated.

Procurement analysis

Analyze your procurement data by optimizing the procurement process

Supplier management

Insight into Supplier’s Profile, bidding and communication history


Efficient communication between requesters and procurement

Procurement projects

Ensures successful completion of every procurement process


Defining line item specifications and procurement conditions

Market research (RFi)

The key to success of any procurement project

Collection of Bids

Digital collection of bids guarantees efficiency and same conditions for all


An essential part of the procurement process that saves time and money

Bid analysis

Collected bids stored in databases for a faster and simpler experience

Contract management

Create, standardize, track status of and search contracts with suppliers

Purchase orders

Drastically shorten order time by automating purchase orders creation

Supplier network

A B2B platform which connects procurement and sales

Get your business going

Transparently managing the costs of simple procurement with a procurement system