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How did the ordering process become 80% faster?

The entire process is accelerated, from entering requistions and approval to ordering and monitoring procurement plan implementation

Simple procurement procedures have become efficient and precise

Full transparency of easy procurement, efficient and accurate procedures achieved with Ensolva

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Ensolva has given wings to simple procurement

Ensolva influenced the strategic planning of procurement and the provision of quality end service, both to internal customers and suppliers

Happy to Have The Trust of Our Clients!

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Transparently managing the costs of simple procurement with a procurement system


How to control and prevent unnecessary costs in the procurement process?

Learn cost control in procurement. Read our blog to prevent uncontrolled spending, enhance strategy,
3 min read

How do online auctions bring significant savings in procurement?

Sail into the world of e-auctions, shaping the future of procurement. Explore functionality, benefits,
2 min read

25.04.2024. – 26.04.2024.


The Adria Procurement Event 2024 has become an essential gathering for professionals in the fields of procurement, supply chain, and all those aiming to enhance their business in this sector. Following the success of the inaugural Ensolva Adria Procurement Event in Opatija 2023, which brought together over 170 participants from major domestic and regional companies, we have decided to raise the bar and provide an even richer experience.

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