B2B Software
For Procurement

For Businesses That Value Their Goals


B2B Software
for Procurement

For Businesses That Value Their Goals


Excessive Costs?
Long and Complicated Processes?

Ensolva connects a company and its business processes with suppliers and helps in managing their mutual communication. As a centralized system, it unites and helps manage all procurement phases in an organization. It facilitates creating, exchanging, storing and processing of procurement data; accelerates communication and analysis; generates time savings and minimizes errors.

Procurement in Ensolva is done through projects, where each project consists of a series of activities that are executed by appointed professionals.


Software Users in the Procurement Process

Ensolva consists of three applications. Each application is tailored to the specifics of its users and the type of work they perform.

  • Buyer Portal

    Manage and monitor procurement processes from one place! Create procurement scenarios, invite vendors, explore the market, archive and search data, validate suppliers, search through catalogs etc.

  • Supplier Portal

    The central place for communication with suppliers. They create and manage their own user accounts and receive all relevant information, participate in tenders, e-Auctions etc.

  • Internal Client Portal

    An independent application that enables internal clients to use a simple web form to quickly enter the specification of items that need to be procured and exchange information with the procurement department.

Custom-tailored solution

Helps in Accomplishing Business Goals

Quick. Efficient. Cost-Effective. Transparent. Manage. Analyze. Control.

Suitable for Various Industries activities

Food & Beverage. Hotel industry. Healthcare. Insurance. Financial Services. Manufacturing. Energy…

For Different Types
of Procurement

Private and Public sector. Medium, large and international companies.

Integrates with Your
ERP System

Quick and easy to integrate with your ERP system.

Procurement Process and Software Modules

Having a structured Requisition
format ensures that requesters and
the Procurement department
“speak the same language”


Defining line item specifications
and procurement conditions
is important in every
procurement project.


Send a web-based RFI
to multiple vendors
and quickly find out
what you need to know.


During the bidding process
nobody can see the bids.
However, basic information
about each offer is available.

Collection of bids

E-Auctions save time and money,
ensure transparency,
help to make the right decisions
and strengthen relationships
with suppliers.


Collected bids are stored
in a database rather than in files
so the process of bid analysis
and selection of suppliers
is much faster and simpler

Bid analysis

Contract Management makes it
easier to create, standardize,
track the status of and search
through your contracts


During use of the Software,
a large amount of data is generated.
It can be analyzed to make informed
business decisions


What Our Customers Say


We have achieved complete transparency in our procurement!

The first e-auction brought us savings of 36%!

We have shortened our bid analysis for up to two weeks!

The pilot project “Public E-Procurement Service” was successful.

“With Ensolva, we have optimized our procurement processes, set up budget control and provided controlled access to procurement data.

The processing time of a single procurement project has been significantly shortened, which improved business quality, and e-Auctions brought us direct savings. “

Davor Popović, Podravka
Daniela Bankovic

„It’s been a long time since I said that the one who develops the quality Procurement software would become rich. Ensolva is the solution I was talking about!“

Daniela Banković, Pula Airport
Dario Jembrek - Pročelnik Grada Koprivnice

„The Ensolva team has excelled in providing IT support to our procurement process. I’d like to highlight their Customer Support, which is always available and ready to help quickly. They are also often involved in communication with our suppliers: except for being there for technical support, they educate and inform them about new trends in procurement.“

Dario Jembrek, City of Koprivnica

„Digitizing our Procurement department and moving to a new way of doing our work has been a really challenging process. We resolved all the issues with the members of the Ensolva team who were always available and ready to help. They approach each user personally and, in addition to giving us technical support, they advise us how to use Ensolva to achieve the best possible results and reach our goals.“

Procurement employees, Croatia Insurance
Ensolva reference: KBC

„The Ensolva license paid out after only few auctions and we have drastically reduced the time we earlier used to spend on negotiating with suppliers. We are very satisfied with all the different types of reverse auctions that Ensolva offers and their adjustable parameters and settings.“

Josip Jerleković, KBC Zagreb

„Thanks to Ensolva, we’ve eliminated a big part of unnecessary paperwork and devoted ourselves to concrete Procurement activities.”

Damir Šantek, Hrvatska poštanska banka

Ensolva in Your Company

  • CLOUD Solution – Quick Implementation
  • No Hardware Investments
  • Easy to Integrate with Existing Business Systems.
  • No Need for Exhausting Data Migration
  • Intuitive User Interface and Quality Workshops – Quick User Adoption
  • Start Saving Money in 3 Weeks!
Start the implementation


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Total Savings with Ensolva

€ 38.252.471

Savings Calculator

Total Savings with Ensolva

€ 38.252.471

Savings Calculator

Ensolva can help you with
Your Procurement Processes

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