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How did the ordering process become 80% faster?

The entire process is accelerated, from entering requistions and approval to ordering and monitoring procurement plan implementation

Simple procurement procedures have become efficient and precise

Full transparency of easy procurement, efficient and accurate procedures achieved with Ensolva

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Ensolva has given wings to simple procurement

Ensolva influenced the strategic planning of procurement and the provision of quality end service, both to internal customers and suppliers

Happy to Have The Trust of Our Clients!

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Transparently managing the costs of simple procurement with a procurement system


Ensolva and Women in Adria – Challenges, Roles, and Inspiration for Women in Procurement and Logistics

Explore the dynamic world of procurement and logistics for women. Gain insights, and strategies
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How to increase the role and influence of procurement in your organization?

Discover five strategic procurement strategies to strengthen the influence of procurement in your organization.
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Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial, especially in the demanding field of procurement. Our latest blog explores strategies for achieving harmony between professional and personal life.

Learn how to delegate tasks, set clear boundaries, improve time management, enhance communication, and leverage technology to ease your workload. Discover the key to balancing success and well-being in procurement

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