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What is Ensolva?

Ensolva is a specialized digital platform for procurement process optimization and automation. It offers the capability to track processes from procurement requests to contracts and orders. This platform contributes to cost reduction, enhanced transparency, and efficiency by providing users with quick access to all necessary information, document management, and streamlined communication. Additionally, through its supplier database, Ensolva connects companies with suppliers globally, fostering better collaboration. All of this results in accelerated procurement processes, increased competitive advantage, and significant savings for businesses.

Who does Ensolva bring benefits to?

Procurement software brings benefits to the procurement team through transparency and coordination, the management team through informed decision-making, accounting through better cost tracking, warehouse operations through efficient inventory management, and improves product/service quality through the selection of high-quality suppliers. It also facilitates internal and external communication, risk management, and enables the scalability of procurement operations as the company grows.

Which businesses are best suited for Ensolva?

Ensolva is extremely adaptable procurement software designed to meet the needs of medium and large companies in the private and public sectors.

Large companies with complex procurement processes and a large number of suppliers can utilize software for optimizing and automating their procurement operations. This assists them in cost reduction, better inventory management, and increasing the efficiency of the entire process. Medium-sized enterprises often have limited resources for procurement management. Using procurement software can help them achieve greater visibility, better cost control, and enable faster and more efficient collaboration with suppliers. Industries such as manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and retail that rely on regular and large-scale procurement of raw materials, parts, or products can significantly benefit from software that automates and optimizes the procurement chain. In sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and the food industry, where strict regulations and compliance standards exist, procurement software can ensure that all procurement processes are conducted in accordance with those rules. Ultimately, procurement software brings benefits to any organization looking to enhance its procurement management capability, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and achieve competitive advantages in the market.

Why do companies implement Ensolva?

Companies decide to implement this kind of solution to enhance their procurement processes and achieve various benefits. Procurement software enables companies to better track costs, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize procurement strategies to reduce unnecessary expenses. The automation of procurement processes accelerates the entire cycle, from order to delivery. This frees employees from routine tasks and allows them to focus on more important tasks and make strategic decisions.

The software provides a clear overview of all procurement activities, which improves transparency in supplier relationships and allows for easier order status tracking. It also offers the capability to analyze procurement data to identify trends, weaknesses, and opportunities for optimizing procurement operations. It helps identify potential risks in the supply chain, such as delivery delays or price changes, enabling timely responses. Similarly, it facilitates communication and collaboration with suppliers, resulting in quicker responses, better coordination, and overall improved productivity.

In sectors with strict regulations and standards, procurement software helps ensure that all procurement processes are in compliance with those rules.

As companies grow, procurement processes become more complex. Procurement software enables easier scaling of procurement operations without sacrificing efficiency.

How long does Ensolva implementation take?

As a SaaS application, Ensolva is ready for use within five working days from contract signing. The implementation process involves customizing the application for the new company and providing user training.

Can Ensolva be used partially, meaning only specific modules?

Ensolva takes a flexible approach to each client and allows the software to be tailored to your business requirements. It’s not necessary to select all modules. Whether it’s Purchase Requests, e-Sourcing, Contracts, Purchase Orders, or Procurement Analysis, you can choose a combination that suits your organization’s procurement process.

Can Ensolva be integrated with other systems?

Upon the client’s request, Ensolva can easily integrate with various ERP systems, ensuring smooth data flow. It’s currently successfully integrated with leading platforms like SAP, Packel, Faros, and Infomare. If you use a different ERP system, our team of experts can assist you in adapting the integration to your specific needs.

Do we need to change and adapt our business processes if we decide to implement Ensolva?

One of the biggest advantages of this solution is its adaptability to client needs. The Ensolva team creates a scenario for managing procurement project activities in line with the client company’s predefined procedures and rules.

How many users can use Ensolva within a single company?

Ensolva doesn’t limit the number of users within a company, allowing all relevant members of the procurement team or department to participate.

Is Ensolva a web application?

Ensolva is a SaaS application (Software as a Service) consisting of three interfaces: the Internal Client Portal (purchase requests), Supplier Portal, and Buyer Portal. This means users can access and use the application via a web browser without the need for installation.

Can Ensolva be used on mobile devices?

Ensolva adapts to various screen sizes, making it usable on mobile devices. This allows for easy use on the go, whether it’s approving requests or managing project activities. For suppliers, convenience extends to participating in e-auctions, as they can compete directly via their mobile devices.

Which web browsers are supported?

For the best user experience, recommended web browsers for using the application are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Where and for how long is data stored in the system?

All data is stored in the Oracle Cloud Data Center in Frankfurt, a modern and secure data center with ISO 27001 certification. According to high security standards, all data is copied to a remote location for disaster recovery (e.g., earthquakes, fires, large-scale floods, etc.), ensuring uninterrupted system operation even in the worst circumstances. At the end or termination of the contract, the data is delivered to the client and then deleted from the data center.

Which languages are supported in Ensolva?

Currently, Ensolva supports English and Croatian, with the possibility of adding support for other languages upon client request.

Which processes does Ensolva support?
  • Submission of procurement requests through a predefined form
  • Approval of procurement requests according to defined hierarchy and authorized users and forwarding to the procurement department.
  • Creation and publication of tenders, defining criteria for selecting offers and inviting suppliers.
  • Creation and publication of auctions, defining criteria for selecting offers and inviting suppliers
  • Analysis and comparison of supplier bids.
  • Communication with the procurement team and suppliers.
  • Job assignment and notification of bidder selection.
  • Digital approval and signing of documents.
  • Creation, approval, and digital signing of contracts.
  • Creation, approval, and sending of purchase orders to suppliers.
  • Procurement analysis.
How are bids collected?

The bid collection process is fully automated. Suppliers receive a bid submission invitation via email notification containing a link to access the tender visible on the Supplier Portal. After filling out and submitting their bids through the application, the bids are visible to the procurement team on the Buyer Portal after the tender’s completion, along with all attached documentation. This allows for a complete bid analysis within the system. An additional advantage is that the system chronologically records every action.

Does Ensolva support procurement procedures for public buyers?

Ensolve’s functionalities are fully compliant with the Public Procurement Act and adapted to the conditions (terminology, processes) of conducting simplified procurement. The application ensures transparency, regulatory compliance, and simplification of administrative tasks for all public buyers.

Does Ensolva support multi-currency tenders?

Ensolva supports all global currencies and offers the flexibility for the buyer to define the desired currency for tenders, auctions, purchase orders, or contracts.

Does Ensolva support online auctions?

Ensolva supports the creation and conduct of online reverse and forward auctions. This option is offered within the application as part of the procurement project and is also available as a separate module. The intuitive interface allows for easy auction creation and management, enabling users to track auction progress, manage bids, communicate with participants, make informed decisions, and thereby achieve greater savings and improved competitiveness.

What kinds of auctions are supported through Ensolva?

Depending on procurement needs, users can choose from several types of online reverse and forward auctions: dynamic, English, Japanese, and Dutch.

How does an English auction work?

In an English auction (Standard auction), an initial price is set, and during the auction’s duration, suppliers compete by lowering their bids according to predefined parameters. The supplier offering the most favorable price for the requested goods/service typically wins the contract. English reverse auctions are commonly used when two or more suppliers offer equal prices for the desired procurement item.

How does an Japanese reverse auction work?

In a Japanese reverse auction, the buyer initiates the auction with a very high starting price, which automatically decreases at predefined intervals. Bidders have the option to stay in the auction or opt out of further participation. The supplier who stays the longest wins and gets the contract. Japanese reverse auctions are often used when there are few suppliers or when the offered prices significantly differ.

How does an Dutch reverse auction work?

In a Dutch reverse auction, the buyer starts the auction with a very low initial price that automatically increases at predefined intervals. The first supplier to accept the bid wins the contract. Dutch reverse auctions are suitable when a large number of suppliers are competing. Since suppliers are in a situation where there’s a high chance they’ll lose out due to small monetary differences if another bidder accepts the offer before them, the buyer can be confident that they have obtained the lowest price at which the supplier can sell their product.

What is the Supplier Portal, and how is the supplier network used?

The Ensolva Supplier Portal is a website where all business entities from around the world can register if they wish to collaborate with Ensolva customers/clients and participate in their tenders. Users searching for goods and services during procurement explore the database and connect with potential bidders through the application, inviting them to become verified suppliers.

Where and how can I register on the Ensolva Supplier Portal?

All interested business entities can register on the Supplier Portal completely free of charge. Suppliers can register independently or upon invitation from customers. It’s as simple as filling out the registration form, following the steps, and entering necessary company information. After submitting the registration request, a link to set up a password will be sent to the provided email address, which is also the final step in the registration process. Once registration is complete, the user will be able to access the Supplier Portal and participate in tenders

Click here to register.

I have completed the registration, but when I try to log in to the Supplier Portal, the system informs me that my data is not found in the database. What should I do?

It often happens that users skip the final step of the registration process, which is setting up a password, resulting in the inability to log in. We advise you to check your email inbox, as well as the spam/junk folders, and set up a password through the link sent in the automatic notification. If you can’t find the mentioned notification, contact customer support, and they will resend the link for setting up the password.

How can I change the language of the application?

The application is originally in Croatian, but if necessary, it’s possible to switch the display to English or Serbian. The icons for changing are located at the very bottom of the screen.

I received an invitation to accept the General Terms and Privacy Policy of the customer company. How can I do that?

On the Supplier Portal’s homepage, select the “Company Data” option on the interface. This will open three tabs: General Information, Attachments, and Customers. Under the Customers tab, you can see the names of customer companies for which you have accepted the General Terms and Privacy Policy (referred to as GT and PP). By clicking the “Accept” button, you agree to the GT and PP of the customer company. The GT and PP documents are available in PDF format and can be opened and/or saved to your computer.

Why do I sometimes not receive notifications by email?

If you are not receiving notifications via email, we recommend checking your spam/junk folder. Occasionally, email service providers mistakenly identify certain messages as spam and route them to the wrong folder. To ensure proper receipt of notifications, review your spam/junk folders and add the ensolva@ris.hr address to your list of allowed email addresses (whitelist).

Instructions for setting this up can be found at this link.

How to access tenders through the Supplier Portal?

After a potential buyer publishes a tender through Ensolva and invites you to participate, an automatic notification with a link to access the tender will be sent to your registered email address. By clicking the link, the system will automatically redirect you to the Supplier Portal login screen. After logging in, information about the tender will be displayed.

What are open tenders?

Ensolva open tenders are published by clients/buyers and are open for participation to all interested bidders who meet the conditions and qualifications specified in the tender documentation. Public tenders are typically used by clients/buyers in the public sector to ensure a transparent, fair, and competitive procurement process for goods, services, or works, offering an equal opportunity to all bidders.

You can view open tenders here.

Can I modify my bid during the tender’s duration after it’s already submitted?

During the tender’s duration, suppliers have the flexibility to modify their bids if necessary. At the end of the tender, the buyer will only have access to the last submitted bid, ensuring confidentiality and fair evaluation.

What if the buyer changes the conditions after I’ve submitted my bid?

In case the buyer changes the conditions during the tender, you will receive an automatic notification to your email address informing you of the made changes. After that, you will have the possibility to make any necessary amendments to your bid. The message will also be available in the message inbox on your profile on the Ensolva Supplier Portal, ensuring you are informed about all changes to the terms. Transparency and effective communication will be maintained throughout the entire process.

Can I communicate with the purchasing company through Ensolva?

The application supports sending and receiving messages directly with buyers, allowing you to communicate and address questions related to tenders or auctions. It’s important to note that during the tender or auction period, the buyer can see supplier aliases in messages. The actual names remain anonymous after the process ends to ensure equality and objectivity.

What file formats are supported in the application?

The application supports a range of file formats, including:

MS Office formats: doc, docx, rtf, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, ppsx Open Office formats: odt, ods, odb, txt, htm, html, json, xml Image formats: png, jpe, jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp, ico, tiff, tif, svg, svgz Archive formats: zip, rar, 7z Adobe formats: pdf, psd, ai, eps, ps

How can I submit a bid?

To participate in a tender, click the “Prepare Bid” button, which will open fields for price entry. Additionally, if there are multiple procurement items, you can download an Excel template for easier entry. This template matches the data in the application. Once filled out, the template is uploaded back into the application, and the price entry fields are automatically populated. After entering all necessary amounts, click the “Submit Bid” button, and the system will send an automatic notification confirming the bid submission. You can also generate a report that can be saved to your computer. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Can I upload additional documents and specifications, and where?

The application offers the option to upload documentation by clicking on “Enter Additional Information and Attachments for the Buyer,” where you can easily attach images, certificates, presentations, or any other relevant documents from your computer. Detailed instructions can be found here.

What does the option for entering an alternative bid mean?

When creating a tender, the buyer in the application has the option to allow bidders to submit alternative bids for the requested procurement items. If a bidder does not offer the originally requested item but can provide an item with similar specifications, when submitting a bid, in the “Offering Original Item” field, they select the indicator “No,” after which an additional field for entering the name, price, and image of the alternative procurement item will open. Detailed instructions can be found here.

How to avoid potential loss of entered data?

In case of extended inactivity, the application closes after 60 minutes (session expiration warning visible on the screen). To avoid potential loss of entered data, we recommend using the “Save Draft” option during bid entry.

Are there user instructions for the Supplier Portal?

User instructions for the Supplier Portal include explanations for all application functionalities and can be found at the following link.

Who can be contacted in case of technical difficulties on the Supplier Portal?

The Ensolva customer support team is available every working day from 08:00 to 16:00 to assist in resolving any technical or functional issues that may arise. You can contact them via email: support@ensolva.com, phone: 0038551 494 034, or through the online support form at https://ensolva.com/en/contact/ .

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