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What is Ensolva

Ensolva is a specialized B2B solution for digital support of the procurement process from contract requirements. It connects companies with suppliers around the world and encourages better cooperation with each other.

Can Ensolva integrate with other systems?

Ensolva has the ability to integrate with various ERP systems (e.g. SAP).

Does Ensolva support e-auctions?

Ensolva supports the creation and conduct of online reverse and sales auctions.

What types of auctions does Ensolva support?

Ensolva supports online reverse and forward auctions: Dynamic, English, Japanese and Dutch.

Does Ensolva support procurement procedures for public procurement?

Ensolva can also be used in public procurement procedures.

Do we have to buy the whole software or can we only use it for individual processes, per module?

Ensolva is a modular solution which means that the user can buy the licenses of only the modules they need (Procurement Requests, e-Sourcing, Contracts, Purchase Orders and Procurement Analysis).

Which languages are supported in Ensolva?

Ensolva currently supports English and Croatian, but there is a possibility of implementing any other language on demand of users.

How many users can use Ensolva within one company?


Can Ensolva be used on mobile devices?

Ensolva is adapted to run on different screen sizes, so it can also be used on mobile devices (most often for approving requests and activities on a project or bidding in electronic auctions by suppliers).

Which web browsers does Ensolva support

Ensolva runs in all popular browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Where and for how long is the data stored?

User data is stored in RIS’s own, modern and secure data center. According to highest security criteria, all data is backed up to a remote location so it can be recovered in case of a disaster (e. g. earthquakes, fires and large-scale floods, etc.) which ensures the system to continue working smoothly even in the worst circumstances. The RIS data center is a place of the highest security standards and it is certified with ISO 27000 which guarantees the highest security level. Upon expiration of the contract, at the request of the client, we deliver their data and then delete them in our data center.

To whom does Ensolva benefit?

Procurement Managers (CPOs) – have access to all real-time activities, which facilitates and simplifies the coordinate on and management of procurement processes.

Directors – have an insight into business expenses and know how their procurement works.

Procurement professionals – perform everyday procurement tasks efficiently and quickly without unnecessary paperwork.

Suppliers – have the same opportunity to establish business cooperation with the buyer.

Which businesses does Ensolva best suit?

Ensolva is a procurement software suitable for medium and large companies from the private and public sectors. Thanks to its flexibility, it is applicable for procurement in various types of activities: insurance, banking, manufacturing, tourism and hospitality, healthcare, real estate.

Is Ensolva a web application?

Ensolva is a web application. All three interfaces: Purchase Requests, Vendor Portal, and Customer Portal are available on the web.

How long does the implementation of Ensolva take?

As a SaaS application, Ensolva is ready to use within five business days of signing the contract with RIS d.o.o. The implementation process involves adapting the application to a new company and educating users.

Why do companies choose Ensolva?

Users rated Ensolva highly in the category The Best Value for Money.

Decision-makers point out that with Ensolva they have the ability to easily, simply and rationally manage costs. They are aware that the results in procurement have a strong impact on the company because the savings achieved in the procurement department are direct profits of the company, but poor prices also directly reduce profits.

Other reasons given by users are: business rationalization, availability of procurement processes – the ability to work from different locations, transparency, better efficiency, insight into costs, reducing paperwork, opening new markets, analysis of processes and costs, creating savings, satisfaction of all members involved in the procurement process and user friendly interface.

Users stated that with Ensolva they got a specialized tool that replaced several improvised solutions, individual modules from ERP software and various generic tools (MS Outlook and Excel), which are not enough to fully digitally support complex procurement processes.

What procurement processes does Ensolva support?

Ensolva supports all procurement operations from request to contract:

  • Internal and external communication processes
  • Creating and sending requisitions
  • Unifying Requisitions
  • Delegating Requisitions
  • Creating procurement projects
  • Creating requisitions (RFx), Questionnaires (RFi) and Auctions
  • Submitting offers
  • Analyzing offers
  • Approvals
  • Assigning work
  • Creating contracts
  • Creating order forms
  • Procurement and spend analysis

Who creates user accounts and how do I set a password?

The Ensolva team creates user accounts in Ensolva and sets an initial password that users can change the first time they use it. Suppliers create their own password and profile on the Supplier Portal.

How are bids collected?

The bidding process is automated and simple. Bids are filled directly into the system with the option of attaching additional documents in various formats (Word, PDF, Excel). Communication with suppliers is centralized and takes place in Ensolva, and customers no longer need any other tools / resources. An added benefit is that the system records each action chronologically.

How many suppliers can we have in the database?


What currencies does Ensolva support?

Ensolva supports all valid world currencies. The project/auction manager determines which currency will be used in which project.

Do we have to change and adjust our business processes if we decide to implement Ensolva and to what extent?

Ensolva is a flexible specialized solution to support the procurement processes. Which means that Ensolva adapts to users so companies are not forced to change their processes and procedures which is often very exhausting. In the Scenario Manager module, our Ensolva team creates the management of the procurement project activities in accordance with the established procedures and rules.

What is the Ensolva Supplier Portal?

Ensolva Supplier Portal is a unique web platform that serves to connect customers and suppliers. Benefits for suppliers are: opening new markets, new sales channel, access to open tenders and auctions of companies using Ensolva.

Where and how to register for the Ensolva Supplier Portal?

It is necessary to fill in the registration form which can be found at the following link.

What does the registration process look like?

The supplier can register on his own initiative or at the invitation of buyer. After filling in the registration form, the completed data is reviewed on the Buyer’s Portal. The supplier receives feedback on the verification of the application for registration via e-mail. The notification contains a link to set a password.

Why don't I get e-mail notifications sometimes?

Check your spam/junk e-mail folders.

E-mails sometimes get flagged as spam. If you still can’t find the e-mail, contact the buyer or Ensolva customer support.

How to access tenders through the Supplier Portal?

After the buyer publish the tender and invites you to participate in it, you will receive an e-mail notification of the event with a link. Of course, suppliers participate in the tender through their profile on the Ensolva Supplier Portal for which they have a username and password.

How can I prevent data loss if my browser session expires?

The session on the Ensolva supplier portal is 24 minutes. When you are filling out the offer, remember to click the Save offer button.

Can I change my offer after I have submitted it?

While the tender is opened, the supplier can change the offer as many times as he wants. The buyer has insight only into the last submitted offer.

What if the buyer changes the terms after I have submitted the offer?

The buyer sends a notice to all suppliers in the tender, which arrives via e-mail and in your Ensolva profile message box.

How do buyers and suppliers communicate via Ensolva?

The application supports messaging with the buyers. While tender is open during the auction, the names of the suppliers are anonymous and the customer does not know which supplier is sending him the message. Also, the buyer cannot see the content of the offer until the tender is completed.

What file formats are supported in the application?

Supported formats are:

MS office (doc, docx, rtf, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, ppsx)

Open office (odt, ods, odb, txt, htm, html, json, xml)

Images (png, jpe, jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp, ico, tiff, tif, svg, svgz)

Archive (zip, rar, 7z)

Adobe (pdf, psd, ai, eps, ps).

How do I know the offer was successfully submitted?

The system sends a notification to the supplier trough the Ensolva profile and via e-mail.

Who helps suppliers if they have a problem with submitting bids or registering on the Portal?

Ensolva customer support.

How much does it cost to join the Ensolva Supplier Portal?

Ensolva does not charge suppliers for registration and to use the Portal.

How do suppliers join Ensolva?

Suppliers access the Vendor Portal through a web browser and fill out a registration form for the first time. After the approval process, they set a password to log in to their Ensolva profile. Through the profile, the supplier participates in tenders and auctions.

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