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Pit Krajina 2023

We have supported another in a series of significant industry conferences in Bosnia and Herzegovina – PIT Krajina 2023

Explore the insights from PIT Krajina 2023 conference, highlighting expertise in manufacturing, industry, and technology sectors.
3 min read
Women in Adria

Ensolva and Women in Adria – Challenges, Roles, and Inspiration for Women in Procurement and Logistics

Explore the dynamic world of procurement and logistics for women. Gain insights, and strategies for success in this vital industry.
3 min read
role and influence of procurement

How to increase the role and influence of procurement in your organization?

Discover five strategic procurement strategies to strengthen the influence of procurement in your organization.
2 min read
work-life balance

How to Maintain Work-Life Balance in Procurement?

Maintaining work-life balance is vital for success in procurement. Read about useful tips & tricks for balance between work and personal life
2 min read

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