December 2020

Procurement 2021: Be prepared and expect the unexpected!

2021-02-23T10:40:13+01:0023. December 2020.|Digital Transformation, Other, Procurement|

Procurement 2021: Be prepared and expect the unexpected! Trends announced for 2020 fell through as early as the end of January. Burning political and customs wars as well as common procurement issues have been replaced by the crisis caused by the COVID 19 virus epidemic. No one could have predicted that a small, only [...]

Negotiate successfully with your management

2021-02-25T09:41:37+01:0015. December 2020.|Digital Transformation, Procurement|

Negotiate successfully with your management! The first contact with us in 95 percent of cases was initiated by procurement professionals because they see Ensolva as a solution to their problems. Still, a crucial step in the digital transformation of procurement is getting support at a high management level, and that’s where things often get [...]

September 2020

Japanese reverse auction

2020-09-23T11:05:18+01:002. September 2020.|Digital Transformation, eAuctions|

Japanese reverse auction I love the Japanese auction! This auction type often brings excellent results. I always remember one that lasted half a day – we were convinced that the supplier was dumping the price and that something was wrong and each new time extension made us more nervous. However, the truth was… Case [...]