Ensolva as a part of the Nabavna konferenca 2021 in Portorož!

Ensolva as a part of the Nabavna konferenca 2021 in Portorož!

Ensolva is an increasingly well-known and sought-after procurement solution in the wider regional market. Inquiries from companies in the region, and especially from the Slovenian market, are becoming more frequent. For this reason, we decided to present ourselves to procurement professionals who will gather on June 14 and 15 in Portorož at the professional conference Purchasing Conference 2021.

For this occasion, we have prepared an interesting lecture on improving the procurement process in small and medium enterprises. The focus of the presentation is not only digitalization, but we will also look at everything that precedes it. We will discuss the whole issue of the procurement process, where it gets stuck and why, and we will offer suggestions for solutions.

Josip Bešta announces his lecture as follows:

– E2E process is a process that, due to market demands and the amount of data, can not function without new technologies (AI, ML, and RPA) but with all the noise of “digital” and “transformation” we must not forget that the implementation of this digital transformation must be a symbiosis of top-down and bottom-up approaches based on the education of procurement professionals who will use these tools to enable the E2E process to be an equal participant in the circular economy.


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