Case Study: City of Koprivnica

Full transparency of easy procurement, efficient and accurate procedures achieved with Ensolva

About the project

Sector: Public administration

Modules: Procurement Requisitions, Publice Procurement Procedures, Purchase Orders, Contract, Portal of Economic Entities, eAuctions

Number of users: 44

Period of using Ensolva: since April 2018.

Population: 30.854 (2011)

Project Summary


  • Transparency
  • Administratively and more time-efficient implementation of simple procurement procedures
  • Ensure consistency in bids
  • Compliance with all legal provisions and internal regulations
  • Savings as an additional bonus


  • Procurement requisitions
  • Simple procurement procedures
  • Purchase orders
  • Contracts
  • Supplier Portal
  • eAuctions


  • All data in one place
  • Clearer, more efficient, and more precise procurement procedures
  • The number of business entities has increased
  • Indirect savings (postage, waiting for documents …)
  • Consolidation of requirements has brought savings in quantity and simplified the preparation of joint procurement
  • Savings in time for procurement procedures and the amount of administration
  • Eco-sourcing (reduced fuel and paper consumption)

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Transparently managing the costs of simple procurement with a procurement system