Case Study: The University of Rijeka

Our goal is to become European university of the future.

About the Project

Sector: University

Modules: Requests, Supplier Portal, Simple Procurement: Creating Procedures, Electronic Auctions, Bidding, Bid Analysis, Purchase Orders, Procurement Plan

Number of users: 32

Anual number of purchas orders: 1500

Project Summary


  • Lack of connectivity and information transfer between different tools.
  • Slowness in the request approval process.
  • Complexity due to the use of different tools for procurement implementation.
  • Lack of experts for maintaining SharePoint on premises.
  • Need for specialized software that is advanced and integrated with business processes.


  • Procurement requisitions
  • Simple procurement procedures
  • Purchase Orders
  • Procurement plan
  • Supplier Portal


  • All procurement digitalization goals achieved with Ensolva
  • Practical, simple, and efficient software solution
  • Easier and faster approval process and overall procurement procedure
  • Centralized database accessible 24/7
  • Reduction in paper consumption
  • Transparency and budget compliance
  • Accurate overview of spending by organizational units
  • All procurement phases and communication in one place

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Transparently managing the costs of simple procurement with a procurement system