Coming soon: Ensolva Toyuri!

Coming soon: Ensolva Toyuri!

The new major version of Ensolva is around the corner and is expected to be released in April.  This version is the biggest step forward since the first release of Ensolva in 2014. The main features of Ensolva Toyuri are: 100% web application, faster, visually redesigned, more intuitive and new functionalities.

Gartner’s procurement system research

We participated in a study of the quality and functionality of procurement systems conducted by Capgemini (the global leader in consulting and digital transformation). We wanted to get an objective and independent evaluation of our system by world experts.  Also, our goal was to position ourselves in relation to our competition. The results of the research proved to be very good for us. The research has shown that Ensolva supports 78% of all possible functionalities in eSourcing and Spend Analysis: It supports 81% features in eSourcing and 73% in Spend Analysis, while Security got 90% and Quality of Service 78%. The results of this research were presented in Prague on the ProcureCon conference.

There are about 200 procurement applications available in the market, but only 13 have found their place in the “All Stars” quadrant. We analyzed the results and worked out a plan so that Ensolva may soon appear in the All Starts quadrant as well. Toyuri is the first step towards achieving this goal.

Key features of Ensolva Toyuri: 100% HTML5 Web and Speed Upgrade

HTML5 WEB – With Toyuri,  Ensolva  leaves the Java platform behind and becomes a 100% HTML5 web application. The transition to new technology will allow Ensolva to work in a web browser without the need for any additional installations.

SPEED UPGRADE- HTML5 technology and more powerful servers will result in a significant speed upgrade of the application.

FUNCTIONAL AND VISUAL DESIGN – The application will be functionally and visually redesigned according to the latest trends in UI/UX application design.

NEW FUNCTIONALITIES – We have upgraded Ensolva with new functionalities that our customers consider to be particularly important.

The first version of Ensolva Toyuri will be out in April

In Ensolva Toyuri we are going to implement knowledge and experience gathered over the years. As we develop the application, we often think about the end product and imagine Ensolva as the perfect blend of technology and people, which is the key asset in overcoming challenges of modern business. We plan to release Ensolva Toyuri v4.0 on April 1st!

Stay tuned and follow us!


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