Ensolva and HUND (Croatian Association of Procurement) organized a meeting of procurement professionals

The Ensolva team as a partner and expert in electronic procurement participates in events organized by the association of Croatian procurement professionals. The first joint professional meeting was held on March 16, 2017 at the Westin Hotel where RIS presented how to use IT tools to improve the efficiency of procurement.

A fresh subject and interesting presenters that built a successful career attracted  numerous procurement professionals from Croatia and the wider region.

Renata Ivaštinović, voditeljica nabave Croatia Osiguranje
Renata Ivaštinović, Head of Procurement at Croatia Osiguranje d.d.

Renata Ivaštinović, head of procurement at Croatia Osiguranje d.d. talked about practical experiences on project that involved digitalization (NOTE: not just digitization) of procurement. Renata has gained experience in several multinational corporations, each working in a different industry. She pointed out that basic advantage of electronic tools is timely availability of data and the ability to analyze it.

Daniela Banković, Head of Procurement at the Pula Airport

The Pula Airport is the first Public Sector Body in Croatia that implemented electronic tools into its procurement practice. The implementation of e-solutions for procurement was initiated by Head of Procurement Daniela Banković. She presented how she used online e-auctions to improve the procurement process and achieved results.

Igor Strmečki
Igor Strmečki, business consultant

Igor Strmecki and Danko Pigac talked about digital transformation of business processes in general.

Daniel Pavlić, voditelj tima za razvoj rješenja za upravljanje i analizu troškova
Daniel Pavlić, Head of the Spend Management R&D Team

Daniel Pavlić, Head of the Spend Management Research and Development Team made a live presentation of Ensolva.Since many of you asked us after the meeting whether there will be more similar events – the answer is, YES there will be!

See you again soon!

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