Ensolva as a part of the 12th Procurement Conference

Ensolva as a part of the 12th Procurement Conference

Last week, we’ve been a part of the 12th Procurement Conference, named Digital Era of Procurement. It took place in Westin Hotel Zagreb on 16th November and was organized by Lider business weekly and the Croatian Association of Procurement Activities (HUND). At the conference, greatest experts from the Procurement world shared their knowledge and presented the latest trends in this area. The conference was focused primarily on procurement specialists and experts, but also board members and managers were invited to gain wider insight into this strategic function.

The most recognized speaker of this conference was Dr. Peter Kraljic, a member of McKinsey Advisory Council and one of the pioneers of Procurement we know today. He talked about globalization, competitiveness, and procurement management, and pointed out that, as far as competitiveness is concerned, Europe lags far behind the US and China, while Croatia has one of the lowest rankings in Europe. Still, his presentation ended in a somewhat more positive tone, concluding that competitiveness can be improved by investing in education, innovation, productivity and value, but changes must be applied as soon as possible, in order not to lose pace with the digital world that is constantly changing.

This conference also gave us the opportunity to hear the presentation by Professor Velimir Srića, who talked about digital transformation of procurement and technological solutions that are increasingly replacing humans in certain business segments. SAP Ariba’s Marcell Vollmer talked about how digital industry changes procurement, finance and services, while our Consultant for Spend Management Systems Hari Zamlic has shown the simplicity of procurement analysis conducted in Ensolva, which improves business processes and gives answers to key issues of strategic planning of procurement in the company. Ensolva is a powerful analytics tool whose interface includes all standard Business Intelligence (BI) tools functionalities. Apart from being simple and easy for analysis conduction, Ensolva’s extra advantage is its fast memory base storage, which enables users to get any analysis data in seconds.

In addition to the aforementioned, many more experts held their presentations and some of them are: Mr. Drasko Jelavic, founder and CEO of Cirtuo Consulting Company, Mr. Christopher Game, a South African Expert in Procurement with extensive experience in auto industry and pharmaceuticals and Mr. Sc. Natasa Cikac, owner of the consulting company Cronata, who has over 20 years of business experience in the field of procurement and logistics in manufacturing companies.

The 12th Procurement Conference brought together a great number of experts from the procurement world and, apart from knowledge and insight into the latest trends, provided participants with a unique opportunity for networking and business cooperation. This conference once again proved that Croatia has professionals who invest in their knowledge and want to change business processes in order to boost competitiveness and economic progress – both in their business and in the state as a whole.

Photo Credit: Ratko Mavar


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