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Ensolva in the three most important interviews on the digitization of procurement.

Procurement is changing at a rapid pace. Just a few years ago, the concept of e-procurement was relatively unknown. Today, the digital transformation of procurement is an unavoidable topic at business meetings, conferences, and generally in all discussions about the digitization of business processes.

Ensolva is recognized in Southeastern Europe as a leader in digital procurement transformation. Just last month, our experts Daniel Pavlić and Hari Zamlić gave three interviews to regional media.

– Procurement has reached its five minutes and is currently experiencing a renaissance. The events of the last few years have forced business leaders to rethink their organizations. This led to a focus on costs, savings and procurement. Journalists recognized the increased interest in procurement and wanted to provide their readers with the necessary answers, explain Pavlić and Zamlić.

Who should digitally transform procurement, when, why and how?

What to pay special attention to?

What to insist on and not deviate from?

How to present the project of digital procurement transformation to management and owners?

What are the differences between digitization, digitization and digital transformation of procurement?

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