Ensolva is the Most Affordable Procurement Solution 2022!

We received another recognition! A specialized platform for analyzing and recommending business solutions in the global market, SoftwareSuggest, awarded Ensolva with the Most Affordable of Summer 2022 award. In the competition of hundreds of global procurement software, Ensolva is recognized as a solution that offers a set of sophisticated functionalities that facilitate, simplify and enhance procurement. This recognition is focused primarily on the accessibility of software with a full set of functionalities, speed and ease of implementation, start using, cost, and accessibility of customer support.

Ensolva is used by companies of various profiles from the public and the private sector. Therefore, we had to strive for simplicity and accessibility of solutions in all segments. Intuitive design and a systematic approach to educating new users resulted in intensive use of the solution very soon after implementation and customization. We are especially proud of the customer support service whose professionalism, knowledge, and availability have been recognized by all our customers. Our greatest recognition is our customer satisfaction and that is why we are continuously working on improving the user experience by developing new functionalities. We can’t wait to show you what we have prepared in new Ensolva version!

SoftwareSuggest is a platform for searching and recommending business softwares. It helps users compare software solutions and find one that meets their requirements. Each year, they evaluate and identify the products they consider the best in meeting customer needs. Ensolva is the winner of several of their awards in various categories.


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