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Procurement Power Team is the name of Ensolva’s new project that will be unique in many ways!

It is a series of professional online meetings which are intended for:

– Procurement professionals

– To all those who love procurement

– To all those who want to improve procurement.

GOAL: After the event, participants will have clear answers to their questions related to the topic of the day.

Unique form with guests from the world of procurement

“One of the basic tasks of procurement is communication, either internal or external. So we decided on an interactive format, something like a round table. We wanted to avoid ex cathedra presentations and give the opportunity to hear the voice of practice, not just the scientific approach that is more prevalent at conferences. Each procurement is special and unique, and the point of these events is to reach a solution through teamwork”, explained Josip Bešta, who will take on the role of moderator especially for this occasion.

Seven events are planned during this year, and there will be a summer break in July and August. Topics have already been agreed, as have interlocutors. “On the project, we will cooperate with reputable procurement professionals who have rich foreign experience in procurement. We are also in negotiations with foreign experts because we want to be the ones who contribute to the improvement of procurement in the region”, said Bešta, adding that there is lots of space for improvement.

Procurement experience comes first

The focus is on procurement experience, problem identification, and the search for a solution. For this reason, webinars will be preceded by procurement research. Of particular interest will be the thematic surveys that will be placed on expert groups and specialized procurement platforms. The mainstay of the webinar will be in the results of research that will provide a direct insight into the situation on the ground.

So, fill out the survey and make sure your problem is heard and solved!

Procurement meetings are free at MS Teams platform

Webinars will be held once a month through the MS Teams platform for approximately 60 minutes. Information and summaries of the webinar will be available via Ensolva’s social media profile. Registration will take place on the eve of each event via the online registration form, and the day before the event, registered participants will receive a link to access the webinar.

Instructions for participation in the procurement webinars

You do not need to download the application to access the webinar.

Five to ten minutes before the start, click on the “JOIN” button (in the webinar’s invitation).

If you do not have the Microsoft teams application installed, click Continue on this browser.

If you have the Microsoft teams app installed, select the option to connect to the webinar by clicking the Open your Teams app.

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