How procurement software saves the Earth

How procurement software saves the Earth

While half the world is in quarantine, our planet is profiting. Satellite photos of China before and during the quarantine are shocking – research has shown that carbon dioxide emissions have decreased by twenty-five percent during the quarantine. The situation is similar in India and Italy. The Venetian canals are clean and don’t stink, animals have appeared in places where they have not been seen for decades, the peaks of the Himalayas can be seen from India after more than 30 years.

The Coronavirus gave the Earth a respite and probably did a favor to future generations. Society is faced with the impact of its activities. We need to raise our awareness of the environment and focus our actions on saving natural resources. Keeping people in their home is not a sustainable solution if we want to reduce greenhouse gases. There are a number of ways how to work and live without polluting the environment.

Procurement projects are printed on acres of forest

The members of the Ensolva team have witnessed unimaginable amounts of paper consumed on a daily basis. For example, I remember one tender that we ran through Ensolva for a reputable company. I walked into the procurement office only with my smaller laptop in hands. Our client kept the project information and documentation in four crowded registers. More than a thousand sheets of paper! Who can manage that? I couldn’t cover up the shock. They explained that it was a simple tender. They took me through rooms filled with registers with procurement projects, printed on acres and acres of forest.

Procurement software is a friend to the Earth

Environmental goals are not marketing add-ons, blank stories or individual decisions made by eco-conscious leadership. Environmental standards are a legal obligation. Information systems in business processes can significantly contribute to the achievement and satisfaction of these goals, and thus the preservation of our planet. By using procurement software, procurement professionals make daily operations easier and more efficient, but also make a significant environmental contribution.

Let’s see how the procurement system has a positive impact on the environment:

  • Minimize paper usage! If you’re using Ensolva you don’t need a single sheet of paper. All documentation is stored digitally in virtual registers (projects, contracts, purchase orders, requisitions). Every document is available to all authorized persons any time with just a click. Purchase orders and contracts are sent automatically from the system. It eliminates the need to sign and stamp documents.
  • Collaborate with eco-friendly suppliers! Request eco certificates for each vendor and check them on the Ensolva Supplier Portal. Define an eco-friendly criteria in tenders and score suppliers.
  • Collaborate with local suppliers! Ensolva’s Supplier Portal allows you to find new suppliers in your area. Suppliers at distant locations mean longer delivery times, more expensive transportation and higher carbon dioxide
  • Use Cloud Technology! Microsoft has released a study that shows that full utilization of Cloud technology would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the IT sector by 95% because it would reduce the amount of hardware. The data would be stored in data centers using advanced technologies. Ensolva is available as a SaaS application!
  • Use Ensolva on quality computers! Advanced computers save energy. Remember to set your computer to sleep mode if you do not use it for more than 5 minutes!

Covid-19 has shown us that we can change our lifestyles and way of doing business. As much as it has harmed the economy, it has brought so much good to the planet Earth. It is up to us to change our behavior. If each of us applied one eco-activity, whether private or business, globally it would be of great importance to our planet Earth. Start an eco-friendly business with digitalization of procurement!


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