role and influence of procurement

How to increase the role and influence of procurement in your organization?

The days when procurement was merely an administrative function hidden in the shadows are gone. Instead, procurement has evolved into a strategic player that can significantly impact business outcomes. If you want to improve efficiency and increase the role of procurement in your organization, consider these five strategies to achieve that:

Strategic procurement planning

Harness the potential of procurement by establishing a comprehensive strategic plan. Start by identifying and understanding your organization’s needs. Consider the values and principles on which your company rests. Set clear goals and metrics to track progress. Align procurement activities with the organization’s objectives. Participate in decision-making at higher levels, identify key suppliers, and develop long-term partnerships. Strategic planning allows procurement to adopt a proactive approach, moving away from traditional reactive attitudes.

Collaboration and communication with other departments

Procurement is not an isolated function but a critical part of an integrated business system. Foster collaboration and effective communication with other departments in your organization. Work closely with production, marketing, logistics, and other departments to better understand their needs and challenges. Regular meetings and information-sharing enable a better understanding of the needs and goals of other parts of the organization, facilitating timely responses to their requirements. Engage with key stakeholders and decision-makers to jointly define strategic objectives and plans. Open and regular communication with other departments helps build trust and ensures that procurement plays an active role in achieving organizational goals. This integration ensures that procurement plays a crucial role in supporting operational processes and overall organizational success.

Embrace technology and analytics

Leverage the power of modern technology and advanced analytics to improve procurement efficiency. Invest in advanced procurement management software tools that streamline processes, reduce the risk of errors, and enable faster and better decision-making. Modern technologies and advanced analytics are becoming increasingly important tools for optimizing procurement processes. Invest in advanced procurement management software, which will enable better analysis and cost optimization. A robust procurement management tool ensures that your teams have the right information at their fingertips and allows you to respond faster and better to market changes. One such tool is our Ensolva procurement software solution.

Deliver value to the entire organization

Procurement is not just about cost reduction; it is also about providing added value to the entire organization. Foster innovation in procurement processes, seek opportunities for improvement, and participate in identifying new growth opportunities for the company. By demonstrating how procurement contributes to key organizational objectives, its role and influence are enhanced.

Continuous learning and development

To remain relevant and competitive, invest in continuous learning and development for your procurement teams. Stay informed about industry trends, participate in conferences, seminars, and educational programs. Continuous improvement allows procurement to be informed about best practices, new technologies, and market changes, fostering organizational success.

Measurement and transparency

Establish a system to track key procurement performance indicators to monitor progress towards set goals. Measurement allows for performance evaluation and identification of potential areas for improvement. Transparency in reporting procurement effectiveness is crucial for building trust among stakeholders and providing feedback on achieved results. Openly sharing information about procurement successes and challenges builds trust and encourages the team to further improve.

By implementing these powerful strategic procurement strategies, your procurement can become a strong catalyst for growth and success in your organization. Proactive and innovative procurement practices enable better cost management, increased efficiency, and competitive advantages. Embrace these strategies and watch your procurement take center stage, driving long-term growth and development for your entire organization.


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