Interesting collaboration between Ensolve and RIT Croatia

I ended up in procurement quite by accident… I didn’t even know what procurement was… I didn’t learn about procurement as a business function until I got a job… The procurement process at the university was not disclosed to us.

We’ve heard the above and similar statements countless times over the past ten years since we’ve had direct contact with procurement professionals. That’s why we were delighted to accept Professor Kristina Šorić’s invitation to speak to her students at RIT Croatia about modern, digital procurement.

Practice-based examples will be used to develop procurement

Ensolva marked the collaboration with RIT Croatia College (LINK:, the international campus of the esteemed American university Rochester Institute of Technology in Croatia, with a guest lecture within the framework of the Operations Management course. The virtual conference held by the director of the Ensolva department, Daniel Pavlić, via the Zoom application brought together around 80 students in front of the screens. The main goal of the lecture was to contrast how procurement is done today with how it was done just ten years ago.

“Direct experiences are the most valuable and will be remembered best. Because of this, I explained to the students how difficult it had been in the past to persuade businesses that they needed eProcurement software and what it was used for. A particularly interesting part of the presentation was the process of changing traditional ways of thinking and ways of managing businesses: using the example of the upheavals of the pandemic, the students saw how social circumstances impact procurement.  Today, we don’t need to persuade anyone and justify the need for procurement software. It’s actually fascinating because it shows how much of a drastic change has happened in a short time,” Daniel Pavlić points out. Besides anecdotes and concrete examples, Pavlić explained to the students how Ensolva improves procurement processes and how it digitally transforms them.

Professor Kristina Šorić did not hide her satisfaction with the Ensolva conference. “I am happy that the students had the opportunity to gain new insights into digital transformation. In the course, there is always talk of process improvement and optimization in combination with digital technology, but without concrete confirmations from the field, it is difficult for them to accept it. The more examples there are, the better! Especially in procurement, which students are only now discovering (unlike finance and marketing). And I liked that Daniel was very honest in sharing his successes and failures with us, „ concludes Šorić, explaining that in this way the students get an idea of ​​what the business environment is and start preparing for it while still in school.

Continued collaboration between RIT Croatia and Ensolva

The collaboration between the IT company and the College continues in the spring semester when we offer students to attend the Ensolva Academy. Participants learn how to conduct procurement processes using a specialized procurement solution and upon completion receive Ensolva certificates as confirmation of successful completion of the training. Students can also do an internship through Ensolva at companies interested in moving student purchases into a digital environment. Additionally, students will be able to complete an internship with the Ensolva team.

FB & LI: Very nice and welcoming start to the collaboration with @ritcroatia. Many other interesting activities are in preparation. We thank @Kirstina Šorić for the invitation and the initiative!

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