New version: Ensolva Toyuri for successful procurement!

Ensolva Toyuri for successful procurement!

New business challenges and market trends require better software solutions with sophisticated performance. We have released fourth major version of our procurement solution. It is the first set of upgrades that we plan to release as part of the Toyuri release cycle throughout this year! The new version of Ensolva brings many changes.

We have been working intensively on improving and enhancing Ensolva’s performance for the last few months. Toyuri’s code incorporates the knowledge and experience we have gathered over the years. Toyuri meets the expectations of our existing customers, Capgemini and future customers that seek a powerful solution for managing their procurement processes! During the development process, the focus was put on application’s speed, user experience and new technologies, which we consider to be the key advantages of our software.

Advanced technology for speed and better user experience

Ensolva Toyuri can be accessed from various web browsers: Google Chrome, MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

Due to the fact that procurement professionals use Ensolva every day, it is extremely important that the application is user friendly. The application is functionality and visually redesigned: colors, icons, fonts, and organization of the screens is improved to make their virtual office more comfortable. It can be frustrating when an hourglass or circle is spinning on the screen and you have to wait. That’s why the speed of the application has been significantly improved. There are no downtimes anymore!

Finally, we have upgraded Ensolva with a number of new functionalities that our customers consider to be particularly important.

Benefits of Ensolva Toyuri procurement solution

  • fast and efficient!
  • adapts to your business processes!
  • makes your procurement accessible and easier!
  • improves supplier relationships!
  • is a secure, reliable and comfortable virtual work environment!
  • enables and supports over 1000 purchasing activities!
  • makes the perfect procurement blend with procurement experts!


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