PROCUREMENT REQUISITIONS vol. 3: What information must the online procurement requisition form contain?

PROCUREMENT REQUISITIONS vol. 3: What information must the online procurement requisition form contain?

In the previous two posts, we identified the reasons why procurement requisitions play an important role in procurement success. We analyzed the problems and challenges, and we suggested how to use digital tools to improve the procurement application process and thus ensure that the process is simple, fast, and compliant with the procedures. In this post, we will determine what information an online procurement requisition form should contain

We analyzed the procurement process in several hundred business organizations, public and private, large, and small, from different industries. None of them had an identical procurement requisition form. Every business organization has its own uniqueness. That confirms the famous claim: “But our procurement is different.

Procurement requisitions in all organizations have the same purpose: to inform the procurement about the needs for goods, services, or works and to convey the necessary information to meet that need. The specificity of this process is that despite the same purpose, there are no identical requisition forms in two organizations, even when it comes to the situation that organizations are part of the same group (most often in multinational corporations).

5 reasons why companies do not use identical procurement requisition

The procurement requisition form generally contains similar information and data, but there is no single application form in any organization.

Here are the reasons:

  1. The procurement requisition depends on the industry of the organization
  2. The procurement requisition depends on unique internal procedures within the organization
  3. The procurement requisition depends on the method of communication with the procurement
  4. The procurement requisition depends on the subjects of procurement
  5. The procurement requisition depends on the connection with the warehouse, ERP, and finances

Therefore, it is impossible to have one identical procurement requisition. Each organization needs to tailor the software to its specific requirements and needs.

Ensolva creates a procurement requisition form for each customer according to their needs

A correct description of the procurement requisition is essential to initiating the procurement process. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions and waste of money. The most common cause of incorrect procurement is incomplete preparation of a technical specification or terms of reference.

Digital tools for procurement requisitions like Ensolva, improve procurement for requesters, finance departments, managers, and procurement department in a variety of business environments.

Ensolva fully adapts to customers:

A web requisition form is created according to user needs

The form can be changed

The approval process is adjusted according to the hierarchy

It connects to the internal ERP system

The procurement requisition in the Ensolva solution is entered on the Internal Clients Portal via a defined web form. Each requester (internal client) has its own username and is in charge of entering the requisition.

The requisition can be saved, sent for approval, or submitted directly for procurement. In this way, communication between the Internal Client, superiors, and Procurement is enabled.

The form for entering a new requisition is completely customizable to the user. Depending on its needs, it is defined which fields will be on the form, ie what data will need to be entered in order for the requisition to be forwarded to the procurement department.

Here are the information that must be included in the procurement requisition in order for the procurement to perform its activities in a timely manner and in accordance with the needs of the applicant:

  • Requisition name
  • Requisition number
  • Date of requisition creation
  • Requester name
  • Requester Department
  •  Requisition items with detailed specification:
    • The name of the requested item
    • Unit of measure
    • Quantity
    • Currency
    • Delivery point
    • Delivery date
    • Attachment to the requested item
    • Request item specification
    • Cost center

Fields for the specified elements must be required. The application must not allow sending a requisition for approval if it is not completed. This will make it possible to avoid the “ping-pong” effect when creating and implementing requisitions.

The specification provides the same understanding of the requisition

Each requisition can contain an unlimited number of items to be specified. In addition to the mandatory fields, Ensolva contains a field for free entry of an additional description of the required goods, services, or works so that the requester can provide important information to the procurement. The following questions should be answered in the free entry field:

Purpose and expectations of the subject of procurement? How effective should it be? Dimensions, ecological criteria, certificates, guarantees, etc.

The more concrete information and data, the better will the procurement department perform its activities.

Check out how Ensolva procurement requisition can make your job easier!

The procurement requisition can sometimes be complicated, but Ensolva as a specialized procurement software automates and simplifies the whole process.

The result?

The requester receives the required goods, services, and works on time and managers can control budgets and reduce costs. The procurement department receives the quality information and data needed and can dedicate itself to its activities.


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