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The City of Rijeka implementing Ensolva for advanced management of simple procurements

The City of Rijeka began the digital transformation of simple procurement with Ensolva. The implementation of the advanced procurement management system is underway, and the start of its use is expected no later than December.

The project was launched with the aim of improving efficiency, increasing transparency of procurement and promoting competition in the market, especially to support the participation of small and medium enterprises in the public procurement.

Ensolva allows companies to register in the system for an unlimited time and completely free of charge, to have access to all published documents in simple procurement procedures of the City of Rijeka and to submit electronic bids. Ensolva also protects the integrity and confidentiality of tenders until the deadline for submission of tenders.

Ensolva informs the interested economic entities electronically about any change that the City of Rijeka will make in the specific procurement procedure for which they have expressed interest (either by downloading documents or by submitting an offer). In this way, full transparency in the simple procurement procedures of the City of Rijeka is ensured, as well as equal treatment of all interested economic entities.

The City of Rijeka can also use the system to conduct market research by sending out public requests for information offers to all interested economic entities.
In order for everything to be ready in time, the City of Rijeka has already started registering suppliers that want to cooperate with the City on the Supplier portal.
Registration on the Supplier portal is very simple and free of charge.

Instructions for registration, email address and phone number for assistance in using the application can be found at the bottom of the mentioned website. Registered users can access the supplier portal through the following link

We would like to thank the City of Rijeka for the trust placed in us. Costs are always a sensitive area in any organization, public or private, and simple procurement in an institution like the City of Rijeka is extremely complex and demanding.

Considering the fact that Ensolva has long been successfully used by other cities, ministries, municipal companies and hospital centers for simple procurement processes, we believe that the City of Rijeka and its employees will quickly pick up the threads and get things right. The first tangible results can be expected after six months of use.


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