The main reason for becoming a part of Ensolva Supplier Network!

The main reason for becoming a part of Ensolva Supplier Network!

(Although there are many, many more…)

In our last blog post we have shown you the brand new features of Ensolva so we won’t waste your time on explaining these anymore. But… Do you realize how many benefits does the Supplier Network bring – not only to Procurement, but also to Suppliers? Especially to the small ones!

Open new markets

Ensolva is the procurement software of first choice for large companies. When searching for potential suppliers, for all of them the primary source of information and contacts is their Supplier Network. By becoming a part of Ensolva Supplier Network, you get a chance to open new markets and get in contact with companies that are in search for suppliers that will fulfill the needs of their business.

After being accepted to collaborate with the Buyer, you’ll be able to see all their open tenders and eAuctions so you’ll get the chance to submit your offers accordingly. Also, Buyers will be able to find you in the database by tags describing the field your business is engaged in.

The whole process is done online so you’ll compete with other suppliers directly. This way, you’ll be sure everything is transparent, while quality and competitive prices are the main criteria for selecting the Supplier of first choice.

All the communication with potential buyers will be stored in one, central place, so the Supplier Portal will also become your DMS. You won’t have to search through multiple inboxes in order to find the information you need – everything will be just one click away!

It’s FREE!

Ensolva connects Suppliers with Procurement departments in numerous large companies and the registration is still completely free for all the Suppliers. Our network is growing rapidly and the right time to become a part of it is NOW!

So, what’s your excuse for still not being a part of it?


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