Toyuri starts in June

Toyuri starts in June

COVID 19 has caused general confusion in the business world. Due to the Corona crisis, the release of our new version of Ensolva TOYURI has been delayed for the first week of June. This is the fourth version of our popular procurement system. The main features of Ensolva Toyuri are: 100% web application, faster, visually redesigned and more intuitive. By the end of the year, Toyuri will be upgraded with new functionalities in several cycles.

Web and speed for entry in Capgemini’s All Stars quadrant

The results of Capgemini study of the quality and functionality of procurement systems were our starting point of Toyuri’s development.  In the new version, we have improved the existing functionalities and developed new that will bring us closer to our ultimate goal – to reach the “All Stars” quadrant.

Ensolva Toyuri we no longer use the Java platform and Ensolva will become a 100% HTML5 web application. Toyuri will run fast (in our native language Toyuri literally translates to running fast) because all key aspects that affect the speed of the application have been improved. Special attention has been paid to user experience because we want Ensolva to be a comfortable virtual office for procurement professionals. Also, the user interface is redesigned according to the latest trends in functional design of business applications. Ensolva users will have a number of new functionalities at their disposal for better and more efficient procurement management.

Ensolva Toyuri helps facing the challenges after COVID 19

The world will look completely different after a crisis caused by the corona virus. Procurement professionals will have to face with cost cutting on the one hand and ensuring continuity of procurement in the delicate supply channel conditions on the other.

Ensolva has proven to be an excellent and adaptable digital tool for working in a variety of conditions. For the past two months, our users have been working from their homes, quickly finding new suppliers and new products (like disinfectants, protective masks), pausing RFXes that were not essential and issuing RFxes of crucial importance at a given moment.

Procurement is now facing new challenges: we are slowly returning to a normal which is not the normal we have been used to. New challenges will emerge with a focus on new priorities.

5 challenges you can successfully overcome with Ensolva Toyuri

1. More than ever before your superiors will ask you for savings!

Find new and safe suppliers in the Ensolva Supplier Portal, conduct surveys and gather the necessary information quickly, conduct e-auctions, find the best option for a better price… And, of course, concentrate on reducing fixed costs in favor of variable ones because the situation is unstable and revenues are uncertain. Fixed costs must be settled regardless of income!

2. Remote work will be required!

The corona crisis has shown that working from home is very feasible and has many benefits. For example: reduced office costs and travel expenses. The only prerequisite for quality home work are quality digital tools. Ensolva Toyuri can run anywhere, on all modern web platforms and devices. The roles are elaborated in detail, and the procedures cannot be violated, which allows for remote team management. Ensolva users pointed out that they literally replaced office work with homework overnight.

3. Supplier and supply management!

Uh! This may be the biggest challenge! Borders are slowly opening and a supply chain is being established. Even in an ideal situation, it will take more than a year for things to normalize. However, experts predict that things will never go back to normal and that there will be frequent oscillations. Controls have been tightened. Therefore, focus on supply risk assessment and supply channel continuity. Build a network of suppliers on time that you can work with in any circumstances. It would be best to secure supply from multiple sources. Having only one supply channel is risky even in ideal conditions. Find suppliers from different parts of the world with the Ensolva Supplier Portal, create favorites and always have the right collaborator!

4. Be agile and shorten the time of procurement projects!

First and foremost, make sure all your co-workers within the company speak the same language: ensure a single and reliable channel for receiving purchase requisitions and define requisition forms. Shorten the time to create tenders and auctions and upgrade the speed of your approval process. Create questionnaires for suppliers and score answers, make detailed analysis from different aspects.

5. Make sure you have all the information related to your costs!

Procurement teams without complete visibility and transparency of their procurement had most problems during the crisis.

Example one: Your first supplier may be doing well at first glance, but do you know their suppliers? One of our clients realized in time that the main supplier of their most important supplier was located in Italy, and they quickly found another option. Soon after that their first supplier stopped deliveries due to a supply blockade from Italy.

Example two: An unstable situation implies quick action. If the information is not updated regularly, you cannot be sure if the contact information (e.g. phone numbers or e-mails) in your database is correct. In ERP systems, you can hardly update data of all your suppliers on a daily basis. Let them manage their data on the Ensolva Supplier Portal and deliver updated data to you via the system.

Procurement experts agree: E-procurement is key for successful procurement!

The Ensolva team is up to date with global procurement trends and is actively participating and monitoring various procurement events. In the last month, all world conferences and summits have moved to digital channels (e.g. ProcureCon, Procurementandsupply, AllanLloyds). Procurement experts bring advice on how to deal with challenges and share different strategies, but all of them have a common message: the post-corona crisis will be overcome easier, faster and more successfully by companies that have a specialized procurement management solution. It is important to find a flexible solution that can support your procurement activities and fit your budget.


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