You asked – we listened: Ensolva v3.4 is out!

All good things come to an end…
…but they get replaced with something way better!

You asked – we listened: Ensolva v3.4 is out!

Earlier this week, we have launched the new version of Ensolva – Ensolva v3.4., where we’ve fixed the things that didn’t work or you didn’t like and added some new functionality in order to make your work easier.

We’re aware that our customers are our biggest treasure. That’s why we listen to your needs and constantly improve Ensolva accordingly. We’re doing our best to be there for you – whenever you need us! Our mission is to be the firm support for your procurement processes and help you do your business faster and more efficient.

Here’s the list of improvements we’ve made – don’t miss to check it out!

New Functionalities

Procurement Projects

  • MS Word templates of documents/records can now be generated automatically, based on real-time information arising from the procurement process.
  • Requisitions can also be created automatically, based on job assignments on the project.
  • We’ve replaced the “Action” button with buttons that allow direct execution of actions defined in the scenario.


  • We’re now supporting all time zones! Our users can simply select their time zone, while this information will automatically be visible in the Supplier Portal.

Internal Clients Portal

  • In cases where a change in the requestor’s hierarchy has been made after sending the requisition to the “old” approver, an e-mail notification is automatically sent to the “new” superior for approval.
  • All orders created from requisitions are listed in the Requisitions Overview. Purchase order codes, order status and hyperlink for opening the offer in PDF are shown in this window.


  • When creating RFx’s based on requisitions, selected suppliers are transferred from the requisition to the RFx automatically.

Requisition Overview

  • We’ve added a new column showing whether the project, purchase order or contract has been created from the requisition, with the possibility of opening the created document(s).


  • We’ve added the possibility of uploading “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” documents from the Main Menu.


  • Automatic generation of ordinal numbers in manual entries.


Requisitions Overview (Back Office)

  • Before this improvement, all versions of the requisition were shown in the overview. Now the system shows only the latest version, with the possibility of opening older versions in another window.
  • The requisition overview is resized to 100% width, while connected views are shown down below.
  • Filters are visually divided into three logical sections.
  • The buttons “Create Order”, “Create Project”, “Link to Project” and “Create Contract” are now enabled only when there’s at least one requisition item that’s not connected to the order, project or contract. When creating the order, project or contract, only unlinked requisition items can be connected.
  • The requisition is assigned the “Done” status automatically in cases where all the requisition items are linked to orders, projects or contracts that are marked as done.
  • On the requisition overview, the user can now see requisitions that have the project created in cases when he/she is the project manager.
  • When the document created based on a requisition is erased, the requisition status will be changed back to the previous status it had.
  • If the requisition is delegated, in the procurement process or approved (received), we disabled the possibility of returning it for corrections.
  • When linking the requisition (that was previously returned for corrections) to the project, we don’t show the “Administrator” role in the approval process overview any more. In addition to that, linking with the requisition is done by clicking the “Approve” button.

Procurement Projects

  • In cases the project was based on more than one requisition, requisition codes were listed divided with commas. After the improvement, the system shows the requisition name and code in cases where the project is based on one requisition, while projects based on more than one requisition get the note “The project is based on more than one requisition”. In both cases, there’s a button that opens the requisition(s) in Web view.
  • When generating a job-based contract, the system no longer erases all existing contracts in order to create new ones based on assignments, but retains the existing contracts that have already been created based on assignments, and creates new contracts for those for which there is no contract.
  • We changed the way of generating project codes in cases when the project is created from requisitions.
  • In cases when the requisition linked to the project where jobs were already assigned is returned for corrections, corrected and linked to the project back again, the system erases the original job assignments as soon as the requisition is linked back to the project.


  • Supplier Portal – we expanded the maximum number of categories in the registration form (NACE, CPV and tags).
  • Internal Clients Portal – the icons showing the approval flow are now shown in the bottom of the form after the requisition is approved.
  • We enabled selecting and copying text in fields when sending calls or locking RFx’s.


Internal Clients Portal

  • We’ve fixed the error which caused e-mails templates not to be generated in English despite for English being selected as a default language.
  • We’ve fixed the error that prevented entering requisitions with the total estimated value of less than 1 HRK.
  • Proposed suppliers can now be deleted after selecting them.
  • In cases where the approver also had the Admin role, two e-mail notifications were sent upon sending for approval. Now the system sends only one e-mail in this situation.
  • We had minor issues with requisitions that were returned for corrections but were previously linked to the project. Instead of sending it for approval, the system automatically linked the corrected requisition back to the project. This issue is now fixed so the requisition is sent for approval first.


  • RFQ – before the fixes, the user had to select both the question and the answer in order to mark them as excluding; it wasn’t enough to select only the answer. Now the system excludes the user whose response was unsatisfactory despite for the question not being selected as excluding.
  • Procurement Projects – we’ve corrected the caption in the project recapitulation where the system displayed Dutch auction instead of English auction.
  • Procurement Projects – on the Requisitions tab, we’ve fixed the error that caused the system to fail opening the overview of the requisition the project is based on (in Web Browser).
  • Materials – on the materials overview, we fixed the errors that caused the system to seemingly erase the material although the user cancelled the action.
  • Dashboard – we fixed the error that prevented showing the overview when the supplier name contained more than 100 characters.
  • Procurement Scenario – we fixed the error that popped up while copying the whole scenario.
  • Requisition Overview – we fixed the error that prevented procurement officers from opening requisitions that weren’t sent to Procurement yet.
  • Orders – we fixed the abnormal behavior of the drop-down list of suppliers on the Offer Overview screen.
  • Everywhere in the app – we fixed the bug that prevented the user from conducting two searches in a row.


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