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Building a Quality and Diverse Procurement Team

Building a quality and diverse procurement team is essential for ensuring the success and competitive advantage of companies and organizations. Constructing team like that is a key step in achieving effective supply chain management, cost reduction, and process improvement. In this blog, we will explore five key ways to build such a team that will contribute to the growth and success of your organization.

Diversity in recruitment

When building a quality and diverse procurement team, it is crucial to provide opportunities for various talents. This means that the hiring process should be carefully designed to attract candidates from different backgrounds, skills, and experiences. People are accustomed to routines, and after achieving success, they often repeat the same approach. For this reason, procurement managers, when hiring someone who fits perfectly, tend to seek people with similar skills, experiences, and personal characteristics. Such a hiring process leads to uniform thinking within the department, which can be counterproductive. Openness to new ideas and different perspectives can bring freshness and creativity to the procurement department, thereby improving processes and outcomes. Research shows that diverse teams achieve results that are up to 30% better than non-diverse teams, and they are also more creative, innovative, and better at problem-solving.

Employee development and mentoring

Investing in employee development is crucial for building a high-quality procurement team. Providing opportunities for training and skill enhancement allows employees to acquire new skills and knowledge, making them more effective in their work. Companies should offer various training programs, workshops, and professional mentorship to support the growth and development of the team. Mentoring, especially when paired with experienced procurement experts, enables new members to quickly grasp the complexities of the job and integrate into the team environment. According to research, companies that prioritize employee training and development are more likely to retain their talented workforce. Similarly, mentorship within organizations can increase engagement and productivity, contributing to better performance of the procurement team.

Teamwork and collaboration

Procurement departments often collaborate with other parts of the organization, such as production, marketing, or logistics. Therefore, teamwork and collaboration are crucial for achieving goals in the supply chain. Facilitating communication between teams and sharing information can prevent problems and delays in the procurement process. Companies should encourage interdepartmental meetings and initiatives to enhance team cohesion and foster a culture of collaboration. Research shows that better integration of the procurement team with other parts of the supply chain leads to process optimization and reduced delivery times for products or services.

Inspirational leadership

Managing a procurement team requires leadership that can inspire and motivate employees. Inspirational leaders set a vision and goals for the team but are also approachable and open to their team members’ ideas. They recognize talents and promote their growth and development. By empowering employees, leaders enable team members to take initiative and make decisions that contribute to the organization’s success. Procurement teams with capable leadership will achieve better results and become less dependent on leadership over time.

Performance monitoring and adaptability

Procurement is an area that undergoes rapid changes, so monitoring performance and adaptability are critical. The team should regularly track key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify areas for improvement. Openness to change and adaptability allow the team to respond quickly to new conditions and market demands. Companies should encourage a culture of continuous improvement to keep the team competitive and efficient in today’s dynamic business environment.

Building a quality and diverse procurement team requires strategy, effort, and dedication. Combining different skills, perspectives, and experiences brings numerous benefits to the organization. Team diversity fosters innovation, improves procurement processes, and helps the organization gain a competitive edge in the market. Through diversity, training, and leadership, your procurement team will become a key player in achieving long-term success and sustainable competitive advantages.


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