Case Study: City of Karlovac

The digitalization of simple procurement is an important step towards fulfilling our mission: building trust, promoting positive social values, and embracing ecological principles that form the foundation of a strong and successful local government.

About the Project

Sector: Public administration

Modules: Procurement Requisitions, Publice Procurement Procedures, Purchase Orders, Contract, eAuctions

Number of users: 57

Period of using Ensolva: since May 2020.

Population: 55 705 (2011)

Project Summary


  • The previous procedure relied on postal delivery or in-person submission for bid proposals.
  • Manual analysis of bids and maintenance of paper documents pose problems and consume time and money.
  • There is an increased potential for errors during bid analysis, which can impact contract allocation.
  • Communication through various channels often leads to misunderstandings.
  • The process of implementing the procurement procedure, from requisition to contract or purchase order, is time-consuming.


  • Procurement requisitions
  • Simple procurement procedures
  • Supplier Portal
  • eAuctions


  • Requisition forms in web format enable time and administration savings.
  • Errors are easily corrected without the need for a new request.
  • Procedures are automatically generated from approved procurement requisitions.
  • The implementation is tailored to the needs of the City of Karlovac.
  • Ensolva provides user-friendly interface and fast communication with business entities.
  • Digitalization of simple procurement has eliminated physical tasks.
  • Ensolva has improved employee productivity and enabled easy approval of procurement.

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