Case Study: Airport Pula

Ensolva gave wings to Public Procurement

About the project

Sector: Public procurement – service activity in relation to air transport

Modules: Supplier Portal, Purchasing Plan, Purchase Orders, Scenario Manager

Number of employees: 122

Number of users: 20

Project Summary


  • Simplify the procurement process and concentrate on the core business.
  • Centralize procurement and have insight into all simple procurement activities.
  • Raise the quality of relations with suppliers to a higher level.
  • Achieve more efficient transfer of information and control of the procurement process in the company.


  • All persons involved in the procurement process connected into one process.
  • Automate the entry of purchase orders and digitize the monitoring of the implementation of the Procurement Plan.
  • Standardized work-flow and implemented Scenario Manager.
  • Implemented the Ensolva supplier portal.


  • The flow of information has been improved and decision-making has been accelerated.
  • Procurement has been raised to a strategic level.
  • The whole process is accelerated by automating all activities in a simple procurement.
  • Achieving significant time savings.

Management support

Airport Pula Management supports all activities that will contribute to the improvement of providing services. The procurement had the full support to improve its activities and thus contribute to the success of Pula Airport.

Time savings of up to 100%

We reduced the preparation of the annual statistical report on public procurement from a month of work to a couple of days, which is a reduction of 90%.

We are obliged to submit the report by March 31st of the current year for the previous business year to the Public Procurement Policy Directorate. Earlier, activities around it lasted all year. In the beginning, we spent our days in accounting manually taking out all the invoices from the previous year, arranging them by categories of goods, works and services, and manually adding and calculating the amounts spent. It was also a physically strenuous job. 

Then we monitored the implementation of the Procurement Plan by manually entering the amounts of received invoices received during the week into the Excel spreadsheet on Fridays.

Now at Ensolva we have a one-click insight into the entire system, which has shortened the long administrative process to just a few days.

We have shortened the time for preparation and sending of procurement orders by 100%.

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Transparently managing the costs of simple procurement with a procurement system