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Highlights from the First Adria Procurement Event

The first ever Adria Procurement Event in Opatija was a huge success! The event saw 170+ participants from all over the world and included interesting panel debates about the current state of procurement.
3 min read

What’s new in the latest version of Ensolva 5UP?

It is adapted to work in Euro, it is possible to enter VAT in tenders and it is even more user-friendly!
3 min read

Interesting collaboration between Ensolve and RIT Croatia

Ensolva started the collaboration with an American university in Croatia with a guest lecture at RIT Croatia. The goal is to introduce procurement to students and let them experience all of its benefits while they are still in school.
2 min read
Grad Rijeka

The City of Rijeka implementing Ensolva for advanced management of simple procurements

The simple procurement procedures of the City of Rijeka will soon be implemented through Ensolva. The free registrations for companies have already started.
2 min read
KPI u nabavi

You need to measure these KPIs in procurement at least sometimes!

What are KPIs in procurement? What is the real data, how to monitor and evaluate it? KPIs in procurement are not strictly prescribed, but some should not be ignored!
3 min read
Ensolva u medijima

Ensolva in the three most important interviews on the digitization of procurement.

Improving procurement through digitization is one of the TOP 3 priorities of procurement managers and executives. Ensolva experts answered the most important questions.
< 1 min read

Advanced digital signature in procurement

Digital signing in procurement guarantees faster and simpler business processes, confidentiality and security of documents, cost reduction, and ecological business
2 min read

Ensolva is the Most Affordable Procurement Solution 2022!

In the software procurement competition, SoftwareSuggest awarded Ensolva with recognition for the most affordable software solution.
< 1 min read

INTERVIEW WITH PROCUREMENT PROFESSIONAL: Josip BeŇ°ta, Procurement Consultant at Ensolva

7 min read

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