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procurement cost control

How to control and prevent unnecessary costs in the procurement process?

Learn cost control in procurement. Read our blog to prevent uncontrolled spending, enhance strategy, and manage costs effectively.
3 min read
e-auctions in procurement

How do online auctions bring significant savings in procurement?

Sail into the world of e-auctions, shaping the future of procurement. Explore functionality, benefits, and efficient implementation.
2 min read
Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

How will the implementation of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) affect procurement?

Discover how the CSRD impacts procurement and business. Explore its effects on supply chain transparency, supplier selection, risk management.
2 min read
ESG reporting

How to prepare your company for ESG reporting: Steps toward sustainable business

Prepare your company for ESG reporting, lead in sustainable business. Understand ESG, set goals, integrate strategy, communicate with stakeholders for a sustainable future.
3 min read
Supplier Motivation

How to motivate suppliers to use E-auctions?

Discover strategies to motivate suppliers for e-auctions, enhancing business relationships through a guided transition.
3 min read
Procurement Strategy

Procurement strategy in the age of digitization: What are the key steps for successful implementation?

Discover procurement optimization,cost reduction,and E-procurement strategies in our latest blog. Enhance your processes and achieve savings!
3 min read
AI in procurement

ChatGPT in procurement: Solution or problem of the digital age?

Discover how ChatGPT can assist in procurement! Learn how Natural Language Processing-based AI can contribute to better decision-making, and understand the importance of using it wisely. Utilize ChatGPT as a virtual advisor and enhance your procurement.
3 min read
Supplier Base Optimization

Tips for successful supplier base optimization in 6 steps

Optimize your supplier base with key steps: assess, set goals, build partnerships, ensure diversity for procurement success.
3 min read
procurement skills

The art of procurement:What does it take to be successful in procurement?

Master key skills in procurement for a competitive edge. Learn strategic thinking, negotiation, supplier management, and more!
3 min read

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