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work-life balance

How to Maintain Work-Life Balance in Procurement?

Maintaining work-life balance is vital for success in procurement. Read about useful tips & tricks for balance between work and personal life
2 min read
personality types in procurement

Personality Types in the Procurement World

Discover diverse personality types in the procurement world that contribute to effective supply chain management.
3 min read

Will artificial intelligence(AI) take over the job of procurement experts?

Discover AI's impact on procurement experts & its potential to replace roles. Gain insights into the industry's future as technology advances.
2 min read
procurement a dead end career

Is procurement a ‘dead-end’ career or a path to success?

Uncover the truth about a career in procurement. Explore its transformation, debunk myths, and find success in this dynamic industry.
3 min read

Migration of Ensolva to Oracle Cloud Data Center

Ensolva migrates to Oracle Cloud Data Center for enhanced security, reliability, flexibility, and advanced analytics capabilities
2 min read

What is ESG reporting?

Discover ESG reporting and Ensolva's Supplier Audit Questionnaire for sustainable supply chains and regulatory compliance.
4 min read

Ensolva at Targer LeanCon 2023 conference: Lean like a Leader!

Discover the latest insights from TARGER LeanCon 2023. Explore expert knowledge, best practices, and business optimization strategies.
3 min read
Vauńćeri za digitalizaciju

Vouchers for Digitalization: Transform Your Procurement with Ensolva!

Transform your procurement with Ensolva and digitalization vouchers. Discover the benefits of digital transformation, cost savings, and competitive advantages for your business.
2 min read
procurement: digital vs. paper

Why do procurement experts rely on paper in the digital age?

Uncover digitalization's impact on procurement. Explore challenges, paper reliance, and benefits of Ensolva. Empower your team and gain a competitive edge.
3 min read

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