Ensolva at Targer LeanCon 2023 conference: Lean like a Leader!

Organized by Targer E&C and Bravaria Industrial Marketing, the TARGER LeanCon 2023 Conference: Lean like a Leader! was held last week in Banja Luka, dedicated to the Lean methodology as a systemic approach to optimizing business processes. This two-day event, sponsored by Ensolva, brought together around 100 experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts who were eager to share and gather knowledge and best practices of Lean methodology and management as a comprehensive and powerful concept for achieving business excellence.

The conference featured many interesting speeches and presentations, highlighting the importance of technology and digital transformation in achieving competitiveness in the market. The conference featured workshops and panel discussions, offering participants the opportunity to delve into the application of Lean methodology across various industries. These sessions specifically focused on the challenges and possibilities of implementing Lean principles in sectors like manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and public administration.

Pero Ćorić, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of RS, opened the conference, emphasizing the need for dynamism and adaptation to the times. He stated that “it is the responsibility of the youth to be the bearers of the country’s economic development.” Tarik Kadrispahić, Targer E&C, and Yuichiro Omori, the Ambassador of Japan to BiH, also joined in the opening address, emphasizing the importance of raising awareness about the Lean method.

Draško Živković, a consultant and trainer, spoke about the eternal dilemma of what Lean truly is – Methods or Leadership. Idriz Selimović, a Lean production consultant, revealed why Lean projects fail. Dejan Stajnbreher showed participants how to achieve excellent results and gain competitive advantages.

The next presentations focused on digital tools, with speeches by Faris Hemić from CadCam Solutions and Hari Zamlić, the engagement manager at Ensolva. Optimizing business processes as a principle of the Lean method is not always an easy task. They discussed how to increase efficiency through software implementation, addressing the questions and challenges companies face before implementing software solutions and the obstacles on the path to procurement optimization.

Zoran Vuković showcased practical examples of optimizing a furniture production company, while Mirela Begić-Pecar and Nihad Muhamedagić revealed tips on how to apply Lean independently. Semir Ćeman from Mann+Hummel presented Lean leadership and the Pull system in a “Low Volume High Mix” environment.

Ivona Misimović from Rent-a-Management revealed how to navigate through changes without getting a headache, emphasizing that “changes are a team game, and without a team, there are no changes, at least not Lean changes.”

One of the companies showcased as an example of good practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the conference was Bowido from Doboj. Envera Garić, the head of quality control, spoke on behalf of the company, stating that Lean is actually the answer to how to achieve the best results in the worst conditions.

Dr. Hadis Bajrić, a professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sarajevo, in the Industrial Management department, delivered a brilliant presentation on how our companies can afford European salaries, whether it is possible, and how. The presentation tackled actionable steps, examined feasibility, evaluated the impact of variability on processes, and explored relevant inquiries.

At the conference, we premiered the first official edition of the book “Toyota Way” on the local and regional market. Prof. Jeffrey Liker, the author, delivered a speech emphasizing the book’s value and practical relevance for a broader audience.

The panel discussion titled “How Lean/Toyota Way can solve the labor shortage problem” attracted great attention from all attendees. Panelists Zlatko Šimunec from CadCam Group, Saša Petrović from Elas metalexpert, Draško Plavljanin from Kolektor CCL, and Goran Janjić from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Banja Luka, shared their expert advice, experiences, and real-life examples.

Targer LeanCon 2023 Conference: Lean like a Leader! once again provided an opportunity for business people, experts, and practitioners who share a common interest in the Lean methodology to connect. Participants expressed their interest in further research and implementation of Lean principles in their organizations. This type of event contributed to knowledge exchange and the creation of a network of experts who can support and inspire each other in applying Lean principles. Considering the success of this year’s conference, the organizers have already announced plans for the next event with an even larger number of participants and topics that will further explore the possibilities and benefits of Lean methodology in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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