Great news with Ensolva v3.5!

Great news with Ensolva v3.5!

We have taken your suggestions into consideration and adapted the software to your needs once again. What sets this version apart from the previous ones are two key functionalities: the Supplier Network subsystem and the support for groupations.

With this change, all vendors registered on Ensolva’s Supplier Portal have become part of a single system – the Supplier Network. From now on, suppliers register through the Portal only once, and customers can view and invite all the suppliers registered in the Network to participate in their tenders.

The registration on the Supplier Portal brings numerous benefits to both suppliers and Procurement. Entering into this unique database encourages healthy competition among suppliers, while buyers have the opportunity to choose to work with suppliers with whom they have not cooperated previously, with a guarantee of real market prices. The supplier network also saves time. From now on, both buyers and suppliers can look for their future partners in the database, which shortens the time it takes to do the market research.

So far, Ensolva has supported procurement processes for each company separately. In this version, support for groupations is created, which allows the customer to use the same system in subordinate companies as in the parent company. This way, the parent company has an insight into the overall operations of the subsidiaries, which contributes to better control and improvement of the business of the groupation as a whole.

All in all, the new version of Ensolva is out – take a peek at all the changes we’ve made HERE.


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