A detailed overview of changes in
the latest versions of the software

Ensolva v3.5

New functionalities

Supplier Network Subsystem

  • All suppliers registered on the Ensolva Supplier Portal are now a part of the new subsystem – the Supplier Network.
  • Suppliers register on the Portal only once.
  • Buyers can see and invite on their tenders all the suppliers registered in the Network.

Changes on the Supplier Portal

  • New suppliers have to accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the Supplier Portal upon registration.
  • New suppliers can choose the buyer whose tenders they want to register for upon registration, in which case they have to accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy provided by the Buyer.
  • On the web site Company data, we have added the Customers overview, where suppliers can see the companies that have invited them to their tenders, and the buyers for whom the supplier has registered.
  • On the overview of RFXs, auctions and public tenders, we have added the Company (Buyer) row.
  • On the Homepage: the titles RFx and Auctions were changed to Last RFXs and Last Auctions; only the last ten RFXs/auctions are shown; buttons View all RFXs/Auctions have been added.

Changes on the Buyer Portal

  • Filters on the Supplier Overview were changed: the user can now filter by supplier’s status (Registered / Invitation sent / Terms accepted / Verified / Invitation rejected / Supplier rejected).
  • On the Supplier Overview, all registered suppliers from the Supplier Network that can be invited are shown.
  • The Dashboard shows only suppliers that have the Terms accepted status.
  • If any changes in the Terms or Privacy Policy are made, a notification is automatically sent to all suppliers that have accepted the old ones.

Support for Groupations

  • The buyer can now have subordinate companies.
  • Procurement projects can be filtered by subordinate company they belong to or can be shown for the groupation as a whole.
  • The Dashboard shows the status of the projects for each subordinate company separately or for the groupation as a whole.
  • Users from the parent company can open and view not only procurement projects from their company, but also projects in subordinate companies.
  • Possibility of adding roles to users from the parent company for participating in projects of the subordinate company.
  • Users from the parent company can open and view not only requisitions from their company, but also requisitions by internal clients from subordinate companies.
  • Access to projects from the parent/subordinate company can be limited by adding different types of user authority.

Subsystem for Records Generation Improved

  • Support for RFi implemented.
  • Support for RFx and auctions parameters implemented.
  • Support for specification elements implemented.
  • Support for the list of documents (offers) implemented.

Contract Subsystem

  • Vendor retrieval from parent contact added.
  • Filtering of Supplier Contracts from the parent contract enabled.
  • Upon contract overview, viewing the linked project/requisition is enabled.
  • When adding a new contract annex, the contracting parties are automatically copied from the parent contract.
  • The parties may enter or modify the annex.