Migration of Ensolva to Oracle Cloud Data Center

In today’s digital age, business platforms are crucial for the success of companies. In order to gain a competitive advantage and improve our operations, we have decided to migrate our business platform to a modern and secure cloud infrastructure. Recently, as a leading procurement software provider, we made a bold move by transitioning our business platform to the Oracle Cloud Data Center in July 2023. Oracle Cloud Center in Frankfurt is one of the most advanced data centers in the world, utilized by major global companies such as Walmart, Adidas, Airbnb, Dell, Dropbox, and more.

This migration will enhance our ability to deliver top-notch services and bring numerous benefits to our clients:

High level of security

One of the key advantages of migrating to the Oracle Cloud Data Center is the extremely high level of security provided by Oracle. As a procurement solutions provider, we understand the importance of data security to our clients. Thanks to Oracle’s advanced security features, such as data encryption, identity management, and threat management, we can be confident that our clients’ data is protected from unauthorized access and attacks.

High availability and reliability

Ensolva relies on continuous availability of our business platform to support our clients’ operational processes. Migrating to the Oracle Cloud Data Center allows us to leverage the high level of availability and reliability provided by Oracle. The system automatically manages load balancing and scales resources as needed, ensuring minimal service interruptions and quick recovery in case of any issues. This enables us to provide our clients with a reliable and uninterrupted service.

Flexibility and scalability

We face growing needs from our clients and rapid market changes. Migrating to the Oracle Cloud Data Center provides Ensolva with the flexibility and scalability needed to address these challenges. We can easily adjust resources as needed, which supports the growing workload of our applications.

Advanced analytics capabilities

Ensolva is always looking for new ways to optimize business processes and provide additional value to our clients. The Oracle Cloud Data Center offers advanced analytics capabilities that enable us to gain deeper insights from data. By utilizing Oracle’s analytics tools, we can better understand our clients, optimize business processes, and make better decisions.


Migration to the Oracle Cloud Data Center represents a significant step forward for Ensolva and our clients. The Oracle Cloud Center in Frankfurt meets the stringent Tier III criteria of the Uptime Institute, a global leader in standardizing digital infrastructure performance. It is resistant to earthquakes, floods, and various disasters. It is considered a highly secure data location and is designed to ensure uninterrupted operation for days in case of extraordinary circumstances (e.g., power outages). This migration provides our clients with security, high availability, flexibility, advanced analytics capabilities, and integration with other Oracle services. With Oracle Cloud Data Center as our foundation, we look to the future with optimism and readiness for the challenges ahead.


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