Two 2017 Procurement Software Awards Now Belong to Ensolva

Two 2017 Procurement Software Awards Now Belong to Ensolva

We are very proud to share some exciting news with our partners: our procurement software has just become the winner of Rising Star Award for 2017 and the prestigious Great User Experience Award delivered by FinancesOnline. This reputed software reviews platform featured our product in a detailed Ensolva review, where their experts enthusiastically analyzed how we benefit the activities in Procurement.

Team of experts from FinancesOnline works devotedly to examine hundreds of procurement solutions and we are very happy to be included in their TOP 50 procurement software for small business products. According to their experts, Ensolva has exactly what you’d expect from a quality solution. It is a robust and comprehensive procurement software for B2B (Business to Business) companies designed to bridge companies and its business workflows and processes with their suppliers as well as help manage their communication. With Ensolva, procurement-related expenditures are fully optimized and users get the best price/quality ratio while increasing revenue. It centralizes all procurement processes and phases within the organization, simplifying and streamlining the facilitation, creation, exchange, storage and processing of all procurement data. The software also enhances communication and improves data analysis. At the same time, Ensolva enables users to achieve significant time savings on their processes and minimize errors in their procurement workflows.

As discussed in the review, Ensolva is designed to help you cover all procurement phases, ranging from the creation of requisitions to placing orders and analysis. On top of that, its eAuction functionality can work as a separate module, enabling you to utilize it for purposes other than procurement in companies, but also for procurement as a need for independent projects. FinancesOnline recognized our software as highly customizable and adaptable since it can be tailored to suit specific procurement requirements of the company. In addition to that, FinancesOnline also highlights the benefit of Ensolva running and managing its own Database Center and Cloud Platform, which means that implementation and maintenance of the system are quick, easy, effortless and less expensive in comparison to similar software solutions. Their experts also praised Ensolva’s vendor database and recognized it as well-developed and well-designed since it supports an unlimited number of suppliers and data about them.

If you’re thinking of implementing a procurement software in your company, try Ensolva. Contact us and participate in a 30-minutes presentation. We’ll be more than happy to show you how Ensolva can improve your business.


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