What’s new in the latest version of Ensolva 5UP?

Ensolva enters the new year 2023 in style!

The latest version of the procurement software 5UP is in production. As always, the needs and wishes of Ensolva users were the main focus, according to which we have developed new and improved functionalities. The biggest change is the conversion to the new currency, the Euro. However, the first thing you will notice when you start is the new design. In this article we will introduce you to the new functionalities that will make your procurement system ready for new challenges.

Euro in Ensolva

The most important change is the adaptation of Ensolva to work in euros and other currencies. Users can now choose a predefined currency in which to work. All documents (projects, contracts, requests and orders) have been marked with a currency. In addition, all lists, overviews and reports that display monetary amounts now also display the currency. When creating contract items from an assignment made in kuna, the system automatically converts the amounts to euros at a fixed exchange rate. From 1.1.2023. all active documents that are in Kuna will be automatically converted to Euro, and when copying old documents Ensolva will automatically convert Kuna to Euro.


Another important improvement in version 5UP is the Supplier Audit Questionnaire and Scorecard (SAQ/SAS) subsystem, which allows companies to monitor the implementation of the ESG (environmental, social, governance) initiative. This segment is a minimum step in the evaluation of suppliers to be able to manage the supply chain in terms of controlling the implementation of ESG initiatives, which is common in serious companies that care about the welfare of the community and the environment. There is also a European regulation that prescribes the obligations of large companies in this matter, and it is expected that it will soon be binding in some form.

Ensolva enabled its users to quickly and easily create SAQ questionnaires for suppliers and automatically score the responses according to defined points. Depending on the responses, Procurement works with the supplier to improve the situation or find a replacement for an inadequate supplier, and well-rated suppliers are given preference when evaluating bids. Questionnaires are completed once a year and the supplier receives a system e-mail from Ensolve indicating that they need to update the SAQ. If the supplier does not meet the SAQ within three months of opening the SAQ, they will not be able to participate in RFPs and will be notified via a pop-up message that they must meet the SAQ.

Entering the amount of VAT on tenders

This functionality will especially please public purchasers procuring non-taxable items or items that have a lower VAT rate (e.g., 13%) VAT. On the quote screen in the Supplier Portal, it is now possible to enter the percentage of VAT for each procurement item. In addition, the absolute amount including VAT is automatically displayed. VAT can also be entered when loading the procurement item from an Excel table with display on the web overview of the offer. On the Customer Portal, VAT is displayed in all places where the offer amounts are visible.

Aesthetic and functional redesign

Version 5UP also includes an improved user experience through the new design. Since it is an aesthetic and functional redesign, Ensolva is even more pleasant and easier to perform everyday procurement tasks.

In addition to the mentioned features, the 5UP version also includes a number of other significant improvements and changes, such as the possibility of complete adaptation of the scenario (workflow) in the request and contracting processes, more active participation of the internal client in tenders through the possibility of technical evaluation of offers, assignment of work based on multiple rounds tenders and auctions, communication with team members on contracts, adding a profile picture on the Internal Client Portal… As always, the version also contains a number of minor improvements and bug fixes in all Ensolve subsystems.

Ultimately, the new features in version 5UP make Ensolva an even more powerful and adaptable procurement software solution for a wide range of users. If you are already using Ensolva, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version to benefit from the new features and improvements. If you are not yet using Ensolve, now is the ideal time to implement it into your procurement processes.


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