Case Study: City of Kastav

Simple procurement the way we wanted it
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About the project

Sector: Public administration

Modules: Requests, Supplier Portal, Simple Procurement: Creating Procedures, Electronic Auctions, Bidding, Bid Analysis, Job Assignment, Purchase Orders, Procurement Plan

Number of users: 18

Population: 10,440 (2001)


Project Summary


  • All procurement data must be available and the search must be fast
  • Automate the circulation of messages and notifications that will result in the acceleration of internal communication among employees
  • Improve and speed up communication with economic operators
  • Accelerate and simplify the bidding and award process
  • Reduce the use of paper and develop environmental awareness of employees and residents


  • All data is centrally located in digital form and can be searched with one click by various filters.
  • A unique procurement request form has been created and mandatory fields have been defined, so only clearly defined requests arrive in the procurement.
  • Procurement requests are automatically sent for approval to superiors who approve them or return them for processing with one click.
  • The Scenario Manager ensures that all activities are carried out in accordance with the prescribed procedures and rules.
  • Once entered, the data is automatically, without rewriting, transferred to the next stage of the procurement process.
  • Purchase orders are filled out in an online form, sent automatically to economic entities and archived in the system.
  • Templates are defined and the system automatically fills in and submits them to economic entities (Records of opening bids, Decision on selection).


  • 50% reduced data search time.
  • 30% shortened procurement procedure.
  • 50% Automated procurement processes.

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