Bid analysis

Collected bids are stored in a database rather than in files (e.g. MS Excel, e-mails) or printed documents so the process of bid analysis and selection of suppliers is much faster and simpler.

Aggregated Bid Data

All collected bids are automatically aggregated and ready for analysis without having to manually merge documents sent by different vendors.

Powerful Analytical Interface

The analytical interface is similar to pivot tables. Choose bid elements that will be displayed in rows or columns (e.g., suppliers in columns and line items in rows), create mathematical formulas or filter data.

Predefined Views

Choose between six predefined views and discover the way want to view the bids.

Automatic Vendor Selection

Click on a button to automatically award the job to bidder(s) who offered: A) the best bid or B) the lowest price for a group of items or C) the lowest price for an individual line item

Always at Your Fingertips

A saved analysis is always available and you can easily find it without having to search through your inbox or you Documents folder

MS Excel Export

If you want to continue the analysis in MS Excel, you can easily export it to MS Excel format.

Other Modules

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