Collection of Bids

Digital collection of bids guarantees efficiency and same conditions for all contestants. During the bidding process nobody can see the bids. However, basic information about each offer is available.

Benefits for the Procurement Department

  • Bidding Process Monitoring: Find out if suppliers have looked at your RFx and submitted their bids. Act in a timely manner if they did not.
  • Delivery of all Required Information: Bidders are required to fill in the RFQ table (i.e. enter the unit price for Line Items) and attach documents, as stated in the RFx.
  • Integrated Communication: Communicate with bidders in real time.
  • Unlocking the RFx: Unlock an active bidding process and modify it –extend the time, add new competitors, etc. Use of this feature is optional, depending on your company policy.
  • Anonymous Communication: Communicate with suppliers anonymously during the bidding process. The names of the bidders are automatically replaced with aliases.

Benefits for Bidders

  • Transparency: All tender information, specifications, procurement conditions and documentation is available to bidders in one place.
  • Security and Protection: Bids are stored and protected against unauthorized access.
  • Equal Conditions: Competitors can be assured that everyone has equal treatment.
  • Delivery Reminder: If the bidding process is near completion and some competitors have not yet submitted their bids, the system automatically reminds them that the opportunity will expire soon.
  • Integrated Communication: Competitors can communicate with Procurement in real time.

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