Contract management

Contract Management makes it easier to create, standardize, track the status of and search contracts with your suppliers.

Advanced Search

A huge drawback of storing contracts only as documents (e.g. in the PDF format) is the inability to search those contracts based on specific values found in specific contract clauses. Advanced Search gives you the ability to set complex search criteria such as “Show me all contracts that expire by the end of next year and have a value higher than one million euros”. This is not possible if contracts are stored just as documents, e.g. in a Document Management System (DMS).

Templates and Contract Generation

Define text-based templates for your most common procurement contracts and save time while preparing new contracts by automatically generating contract text based on selected templates. The Price Section of the contract is also automatically filled with data from awarded bids.

Save Signed Contracts

Safely store signed contracts in Ensolva or access an existing secure location directly from Ensolva.

Manage Annexes

Record any changes to contract clauses and documents directly through annexes managed in the software.

Expiration Notifications

If any of your contracts expire soon, you’ll be notified by the system.

Other Modules

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