Supplier network

The specialized supplier database is a B2B platform which connects procurement and sales in a way that communication is more efficient.

Win-win for procurement and sales 

Users on both sides (procurement and sales) have a number of advantages. The end result is improved communication and accelerated purchasing and sales processes.

Advantages for Procurement

Procurement that uses Ensolva automatically gains access to a specialized database of suppliers whose purpose is to improve cooperation with suppliers. It enables quick response and instant finding of alternative suppliers with a set of up-to-date information in one place.

  • Find new suppliers fast: Eliminate hours of surfing on social media and the Internet. Drastically reduce endless readings of classic Google search results and paid ads.
  • Simple search: With different filters (activities, products, location…) quickly search the database of suppliers that brings together sellers from all over the world. To get the necessary information about suppliers, you need to enter a keyword, or classification of the product / service, part of the name of the supplier or the classification standards label in the Ensolva search engine.
  • Fast communication: When you request a specific service/product, the system in the supplier database finds all suppliers who have marked the required product/service. You can easily contact them and ask for a quote. Review the key data and, if the supplier meets the conditions for working with your company, invite him to cooperate with one click.

Advantages for Suppliers

Establishing communication with procurement and developing a new customer is a challenge. Through Ensolva Sales department finds and gets in touch directly with key people from procurement. Registration is free for all companies regardless of their size and geographical location.

  • New procurement channel: By registering on the Ensolva Supplier Portal, you will open up opportunities for your company to do business with large companies (customers).
  • Easy registration: Fill in the registration form with the required information on the Supplier Portal! Fill in the keywords for your products and services and thus increase your chances for new jobs!
  • Free of charge: Registration on the Supplier Portal is free. Also, no fee is charged for transactions concluded through Ensolva.
  • All tenders in one place: Use your profile on the Supplier Portal as a virtual archive of customer relationships. Through the profile, you have access to all the tenders you have been invited to and all the offers you have submitted via Ensolva.
  • Submission of bids in a web form: You submit bids via a web form with the possibility of adding additional documentation. The offer can be reviewed and changed until the end of the tender. The buyer has an insight into the last submitted offer.
  • Transparency: Ensolva ensures full application of the principle of transparency in order to gain trust and build better relationships between customers and suppliers. All tender information is equally available to all suppliers who have been invited to participate. The rules are clearly defined, and all participants are familiar with them at the same time.

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