Supplier management

Supplier Management

Get complete and up-to-date insight into your Supplier’s Profile, bidding and communication history, and everything else, all in one place.

Benefits for the Procurement Department

  • Supplier Profile: Get a complete insight into your Supplier’s Profile, contact persons, supplied products, key documents, etc. Allow doing business with certified suppliers only.
  • Up-to-date Information: Stop manually updating information about your suppliers. Save the time you spend on phone calls and sending e-mails to get this information. If your Suppliers care about a professional business relation, they will not allow inaccurate or incomplete information on their profile.
  • Bidding and Communication History: In one place find all you want to know about past communication with a Supplier and their participation in tenders and e-Auctions.
  • Ratings and Comments: See your Suppliers’ average rating and what individual buyers think about doing business with them.

Benefits for Suppliers

  • Job Opportunity Transparency: All information about current tenders, e-Auctions and other opportunities is available to Supplier in one place, as well as their past communication with your company .
  • Data Protection: Bids, confidential information and communication between your company and Suppliers is secured and protected from unauthorized access.

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