Defining line item specifications and procurement conditions (e.g. quantity, currency, Incoterms, delivery place and date, payment terms, etc.) is important in every procurement project.

Procurement Items and Purchase Terms

Define the general parameters of the bidding process (e.g. start date) and create your own RFQ table: Add procurement line items and define specification for every material (e.g. model, dimensions, quality, packaging, etc.), as well as purchase terms for each line item (e.g. quantity, place of delivery, payment terms, etc.) from a predefined drop-down list or enter your own values. Attach the tender documentation.

Catalog Items Selection

Select a catalog item when adding a line item.

Public and Private Call for Bids

Select registered suppliers and invite them to a bidding process or post an open Call for Bids on your Supplier Portal and enable participation to suppliers you have not invited.

Save Time

Save time by creating a new Call for Bids based on previous procurement projects or by loading items from existing MS Excel tables.

Test Multiple Procurement Conditions

Test various combinations of procurement conditions (e.g. different quantities, Incoterms, etc.) for individual purchase items to and select the most beneficial combination.

Prerequisite for Data Analysis

Using structured and digitalized Call for Bids is mandatory for later data analysis.

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