Procurement analysis

During use of the Software, a large amount of data is generated. This data can be analyzed to make informed business decisions based on the results of the analysis.

Indirect Time and Money Savings

Analyze your procurement data by optimizing the procurement process, quantifying savings, improving negotiating position, rationalizing suppliers, rationalizing categories, etc.

Answering Your Questions

Find out what you want to know about your procurement, e.g. How many tenders have less than three vendors? Who “Returned for Correction” the greatest number of Requisitions and to whom? What is the average time length of: a) a procurement project? b) all approvals c) offer analysis d) preparing a tender?; Show me the value of purchased goods by people, years, months, categories. How much did we save last year compared to planned prices? How many times a vendor: a) was invited to tender? b) had the lowest price? c) was selected?; How many tenders were performed by a certain procurement specialist? Who achieved the greatest savings?

Predefined and Ad-Hoc Analysis

Use over 50 predefined analytical views to give you insight into your procurement or perform ad-hoc analysis.

Powerful Analytical Tool

The interface of the analytical tool includes all standard Business Intelligence (BI) features, such as different display types (columns, tables, pie charts), dashboards, formulas, analytic functions, drill-down, filters, etc.

Data Cleaning

Automatically locate and resolve duplicates in your data (such as duplicate materials, vendors etc.) to make analysis results as accurate as possible.

No IT Support Needed

If you need a new way of looking at the data you can create it yourself without asking for support from your IT department.

Fast In-Memory database

Data is stored in a fast in-memory database so that the results of the analysis are almost instantaneous.

Other Modules

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