Purchase orders

The Purchase Order Module eliminates the need to manually create purchase orders on paper and drastically shortens the order time. It is linked to all relevant stages of procurement. The purchase order is created with one click, and the other click is sent to the supplier. All purchase orders are stored in one place.

Create from the Requisition

Users of the Internal Clients Portal have the opportunity to create an order form from the requisition and send it directly to suppliers. You define the application of this functionality in accordance with internal procurement processes. It is most often used to procure small items that are needed for the daily conduct of business tasks. There is also the option of setting a limit on the value of items procured in this way.

Procurement monitors purchase orders

Procurement managers through the Customer Portal (back office) have real-time insight into all purchase orders created and sent from the Internal Clients Portal.

Connection with Contracts

Create a purchase order directly from the contract! The purchase order is generated automatically and delivered to the supplier by e-mail with one click.

Purchase Order Register

Calculate how much time you have lost so far searching for documents? Ensolva archives all created purchase orders in one place and allows quick search by various filters. This functionality is especially loved by public procurement, which Ensolva also serves as a register of purchase orders.

Generating in Excel

You can save all purchase orders in Excel format.

Monitoring the implementation of the Contract

The connection between Purchase Orders and the Contract enables monitoring, supervision, and control of the implementation of the Contract.

Monitoring the implementation of the Procurement Plan

The connection between Purchase Orders and the Procurement Plan enables monitoring, supervision, and control of the implementation of the Procurement Plan.

Predefined templates

Define the purchase order text template in advance according to your needs and requirements.

No data overwriting

When a supplier or purchaser enters data into the system, Ensolva further distributes it automatically to the places provided in the documents. In the purchase orders, you need to enter the subject of procurement, quantity, and price.

Analysis of cooperation with existing suppliers

Get to know your relationship with the supplier through various data, e.g. insight into the statistics of purchase orders per supplier, the number of issued purchase orders, etc.

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