Procurement scenario

Procurement Scenario

Standardized Procurement Processes ensure that every requisition, tender, auction etc. is in accordance with your procurement rules.

Ensure compliance

Standardized procedures and rules that describe procurement processes in a company are traditionally defined by company’s Procurement Rules and Regulations Policy. However, to make sure that rules are consistently followed someone has to take care of it. With the help of a Procurement Scenario, the Software makes sure that your rules are consistently followed. Ensure that procurement is carried out in accordance with your Policy.

Define Procurement Scenarios

A complete Scenario consists of the following elements:

  • List of procurement activities and sequence of their execution
  • Project roles and person responsible for the execution of a particular activity
  • Required approvals
  • People to be notified at a given time (via e-mail)
  • Conditional process branching, dependent upon the user’s choice
  • Application functionalities not permitted at a particular time (of the process) for a specific user

Customize Scenarios according to your procurement type

Define one or more Procurement Scenarios. For example, for certain procurement types/categories the Scenario can be maximally simplified. On the other hand, in other cases it can be extremely complex.

Procurement Process Optimization

Develop your own Scenarios and gradually optimize your procurement processes.

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