Market research (RFi)

Good preparation and understanding of the market is the key to success of any procurement project. Create and send a web-based Request for Information (RFI) to multiple (potential) suppliers and quickly find out what you need to know.

Web Forms

Facilitate the collection of information from multiple suppliers by creating and sending web-based forms.

RFI Questions

Create free entry or drop list questions and split them into logical groups.

Possible answers

Define available answers to each question or create free entry questions.

Competitors Self-Evaluation

Select questions that are selection criteria and enable suppliers to evaluate themselves.

Self-Exclusion of Competitors

Define answers that automatically exclude suppliers from further competition.

Number of Points and Weight factors

Determine the weight factor for each question and the number of points awarded for a certain answer.

Questions about Line Items

Create a question that is related to any combination of Line Items.

Other Modules

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