Having a structured Requisition format ensures that requesters and the Procurement department “speak the same language”

Benefits for Requesters

  • Simple and Customizable Form: Customize the content of the Requisition Form to meet your needs.
  • Pick from a Catalog: Facilitate your buying process by selecting from an internal Catalog of materials.
  • Approvals: Submit the Requisition for Approval or, depending on your role, Approve, Reject or Return for Correction.
  • Insight into the Procurement Process: Monitor the status of your Requisitions and actively participate in the procurement process.
  • Communication: Exchange messages with employees in your hierarchy and with the Procurement Department.

 Advantages for the Procurement Department:

  • Delegation: Assign a Procurement Requisition to a buyer.
  • Procurement Project Creation: Quickly create a procurement project based on the Requisition without having to rewrite the data.
  • Communication: Communicate with your superiors, the requester, your associates and other employees.
  • Automatic Procurement Aggregation: Aggregate procurement of same (or similar) materials from different Requisitions based on system recommendations.

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