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The AI system consists of seven essential processes:

  • Data Structure Definition

  • Data Loading

  • E-Auction Creation and Invitations

  • E-Auction Execution

  • P.O. Creation and Delivery

  • Reporting and Alerting

  • Rule Engine Tuning

And it does all that automatically!

But how does the AI know to do all this by itself?

Of course, it doesn’t!

Just like humans, the system also has to learn. 

As humans, we try, fail, learn from our mistakes, until we find the best way. Then we stick to it.

For example, the savings achieved in traditional reverse e-Auction largely depend on the knowledge and experience of the human operator. This experience is usually acquired over a long period of time, by trying different options.

In a similar way, the system performs experiments in order to learn what works best and brings the greatest savings!

Users can help the system learn faster by embedding their accumulated experience and knowledge into the system.

The idea is not to replace humans, but to help them doing all the stuff that can be automated.

This way, humans will be able to use their superior intelligence and focus on areas where no machine can help them!

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