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Provides Materials and Services on Time


Procure & Have Goods Delivered on Time

As in any other company, Procurement is one of the basic functions in tourism and hospitality. In fact, it largely affects performance of a hotel as a whole. Procurement’s basic task is to ensure smooth production flows in order to provide quality service and satisfy guest’s needs. In this process, it’s important to procure materials and equipment required to operate the hotel timely and cost-efficiently, also taking care of maintaining good quality. If your Procurement works well, your hotel’s performance will improve significantly. Choose Ensolva for your Procurement solution – achieve excellence and make your business simple!

Top Three Modules

Give your Procurement a new face:

  • Exchanging information among all participants

  • Reducing operating costs

  • Products and services are available on time

  • Immediate insight into market opportunities

  • Optimal procurement of required materials according to quantity, quality and time limits

  • Maintaining quality of service

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Unified procurement

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