Reverse Auction Tool
Software Specification

Standard Auction Parameters

Depending on the auction type, the solution offers a wide range of
auction parameters that can be used to fine-tune the auction, such as:

  • Conditional time extensions
  • Absolute or percentual minimum decrements
  • Maximum decrement
  • Visibility of the best bid
  • Visibility of the rankings
  • Automated auction start
  • Time decrements
Auction Settings - set all the parameters for your auction
General information about auctions: reverse, forward, english, japanese, dynamic auction

Reverse and Forward e-Auctions:

Ensolva offers different auction types. Except for reverse auctions for procurement, the user can also use forward auctions for sales. There are four types of auctions covered:

  • English auction
  • Dutch auction
  • Japanese auction
  • Dynamic auction

Auctions overview

The Auctions Overview window shows a list of all auctions. The user can
monitor the auctions and create new auctions fast and easy:

  • Copy from another e-Auction/RFx: quickly create a new e-Auction
    based on a previously created e-Auction or RFx.
  • Lots and Line Items: group Line Items together and create Lots.
  • Auction Administration and Monitoring: apart from the auction Administrator, other users can monitor the auction.
Auctions overview - a list of all your auctions in one place
Live Auction Management: real-time auction monitoring

Real-Time Bids and Savings Monitoring

  • The Administrative panel provides real-time visibility into placed bids, best bid and savings per line item, lot or whole auction.
  • Integrated Two-way Communication: Buyers can communicate with suppliers through the solution in real time, and vice-versa.
  • Automatic Bid Awards: The best bidder can be automatically selected by the solution and the process can transfer to the next stage – Bid Awards, where the final decision can be made (manually).

Supplier Portal

The Supplier Portal is the part of the application used by Suppliers.
It’s a central place where they receive invitations to participate in
the auction and place their bids real-time.

  • Frequent page updates during the auctions: within 1-2 seconds.
  • Live communication with Procurement (aliased)

Plans and Prices


$98/1 month (Billed monthly)
  • up to three auctions

    up to $100.000 of auction value

    unlimited suppliers

    no customer service


$280/month (Billed quarterly)
  • up to 20 auctions

    $1.000.000 of total auction value

    unlimited suppliers

    customer service


$330/month (Billed annually)
  • up to 100 auctions

    unlimited auction value

    unlimited suppliers

    6 hours of customer service


$490/month (Billed annually)
  • unlimited number of auctions

    unlimited auction value

    unlimited suppliers

    12 hours of customer service

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